New Lap Top!

I finally purched a new laptop….got a acer aspire series…for 1280 SGD….i think i got a good deal…but not so sure…and actully does not matter any more…!
Well i had decided to start writing a blog once i get a new laptop…and i am connected to the world….so here i am..write my first ever blog post…at 1 in the night..when ideally i should be fast asleep !!
It took me 4 weeks to decide which laptop to buy and numerous visits to Funana and Sim lim..the two major IT malls in singapore…and then came the comex IT fair with all the possible brands under one roof….and finally i know which piece i wanted to pick up….

I compromised slightly on the size and weight(would have preferrd something 12 inches and below 1.5 kg)…..but i am happy with the price….atleast i wont want to miss all the other fun i can have in a new city because i splurged on a laptop….!
So here i am..sitting with my Lap top ..on a free wireless connection( i am new to the concept of wireless internet and was very pleasentlty surprised to see i have internet access)……writing my first blog…i hope i write many more….
Last time i came on to this site was in november 2005…well not so bad…less then a year back….this time i intend to come back sooner…in maybe less then a day!


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