The Law of Cause and Effect- Nichiren Daishōnin’s Buddism Perspective

The law of “cause and effect” is as scientific as the “law of gravity”. It is exact, it is definitive and impartial.

Every action has a reaction every effect has a cause As you sow you shall reap. Life is eternal,you may not remember or be conscious of all the causes you have made in the past….but the law of cause and effect is fair and just.

If you want to know what causes you have made in the past, look at the state of your life today, if you want to know what would be the state of your life in the future.look at the causes you are making today. You may escape the laws of the land, but you will never escape the law of Karma.
I may cheat a shopkeeper of some money I have to give him.I may be caught which would be a manifest/immediate effect of my action however even if I am not caught this action of cheating will be lodged in my karma and it will come back to me eventually in the form of someone else cheating me of money/house/love in this life time or the next this would be the latent effect of my action.

The intensity of my negative karma would depend on what harm I have caused if I have only though bad about someone the negative impact will be present…but it will not be as severe as what it would be had I acted on my thoughts.

Well all this funda is nice to know good to hear but what do we do get aware of our actions and the causes we make think of what you want your life to be “think of the effect” and then make conscious causes to achieve it

When I read this I thougt I would go mad thinking about what cause am I creating in every single step of my life ,but rather than worrying about whether we are making good causes or bad causes which in itself is a cause of suffering, Buddhism teaches the importance of fundamentally purifying our inner sprit which motivates our actions.

To do this all we have to do is chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo this will manifest our Buddha naturethe more we chant the stronger our inherent Buddha become…chanting for our “Buddhahood” is similar to weight training for our muscles.

Every time we chant Nam Myho renge kyo, we are making a deposit of good fortune in our lives to draw on at a future date.

The effects of chanting may be immediate and we may get the job we want or the house we want…or they may be latent but the positive effect will definitely manifest

This is a piece I read out at a Soka Gakkai International (SGI) meeting. SGI is a group that follows Nichiren Daishōnin’s Buddism


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One response to “The Law of Cause and Effect- Nichiren Daishōnin’s Buddism Perspective

  1. Blue Kite Dreamz

    Hi..interesting writeup…yes..i wdnt call it a revolutionery soul stirring piece..and i am sure ..neither did u wish to start a revolution….!!

    But i cdnt resist but point out…as to why doesnt the write up depict any positive outcome of a postive action..why wd the writer give examples of “cheating” “theft”..etc..and the resultant stick of karma hitting the wrong end !!!!

    Is it because we tend to seek a pervertish interest in who gets beaten ..who gets slayed..who gets robbed…and then according to some lines of beleifs..we give it the apprropriate reasoning….

    I also find myself cringing at the veryyyyy selfish beleif that chanting chant “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” would purify our souls … i am not doubting the effects of the chant at all .i am sure it does wonders..but it also tells me that all others who by vitue of their physical…spiritual..cultural distance from buddhism would be predisposed to a unclean soul…..just becuase they arent aware of this chant…..the magic cure ….
    so either one has to belong to the buddhist sect by birth , or belong to the elite fews..who have access to information…and can travel… or …….be the unlucky ones….

    say for example..a guy in the northern pole island wd never know of this chant …

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