The Law Of…

What happens If I throw this pen up in the air – I am sure no body things that the pen will fly in the air. We are all familiar with the “Law of Gravity”,we cannot see it but we all know it exists If I throw a small piece of paper in the air it will fall down, It may take longer than the pen but the law of gravity will definitely act.Ladies and Gentlemen for the next few minutes I am going to talk about a law which is as exact definitive and impartial as the Law of Gravity. You may or may not have heard of it, you may or may not trust me but if you understand the basic principals of this law believe me it will change your life like it has changed mine. Friends for the next few minutes I am going to talk about The Law of Cause and Effect or Law of Karma as it is sometimes popularly know and its relevance to our daily life…

There are two basic pillars on which this law resides….

The first which is very simple to understand and it states- “Every Action has a Reaction ; Every cause has an effect ; As you sow,you shall reap”. This has been proved time and again by the science that we understand. We know we cannot sow a mango seed and expect to get a coconut tree.

The second premise which science as we know today may not fully explain is that “Life is eternal”. This is something I have read extensively about and I believe in it.It is said death is like going to sleep. When you get up from your sleep in the morning you don’t remember half the things you have done during the last day, similarly when you die and are born again ,you don’t remember the details of your previous lives but they have occurred.

The Law of cause and effect is eternal like life and transcends across life times. This explains our circumstances of birth to a great degree. It also explains why some apparently wonderful people suffer greatly and the crooks of the world and rich and famous.

I may cheat a shopkeeper of some money I have to give him I may be caught which would be a manifest/immediate effect of my action,however even if I am not caught this action of cheating will be lodged in my karma and it will come back to me eventually in the form of someone else cheating me of money/house/love in this life time or the next , this would be the latent effect of my action.

You may escape the laws of the land, but you will never escape the law of Karma.

If you curious and want to know what causes you have made in the past, look at the state of your life today and if you want to know what would be the state of your life in the future look at the causes you are making today.

Well all this is nice to hear good to know but what do we do with this how do we apply it to our daily life.
1) Firstly Get conscious of our actions and the causes we make.
I always though I am basically a nice person, I don’t kill for a living, don’t steel ,but reading about this law I have become conscious about my actions every time I want to say something bad about a colleague say something rude to my parents I stop and remind myself this will come back to me from the universe do I want to do this I don’t succeed every time I would be god if I did but I have sure become better
2) Secondly Think of what you want your life to be “think of the effect”and then make conscious causes to achieve it. You want a job that pays better maybe start teaching children/colleagues impart knowledge and money will come to you be nice and nice things will happen to you

To conclude I would recite some lines from my 5th standard autograph book which I remembered all these years but understand today

The world is like a mirror, Reflecting what you do
If you look at it and smile, It will smile back at you
So always keep smiling and may god bless you!


Thank you!

This is a Speech I gave for a intra club competition at Toastmasters Club TCS Maitri Mumbai on Thursday 22nd May 2008



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3 responses to “The Law Of…

  1. Kunal

    Toastmasters Club, Seems like u r the champion here..

    I truly believe in this, and for sometime wanted to blog something on this, scratched some bit. I never had the right words to ‘mean’ what i had to say.. All my comments on life are taken to be negative(I always have tried to evaluate the negatives before thinking of the positive effects, I do this all time to make sure i don’t feel bad about having failed ), did not want to give out messages that people wanted to contradict, Ended up scrapping it..

    I must tell u this, I came into the blog at 3.30pm , and now what, the time is 5pm, I’m not feeling bored. I’m a techie and i normally would require breaks to keep myself away from the computer, but this day is different, I don’t see time fly by..

  2. Shilpa

    Hey Kunal…Thanks for all your comments…..I had not seen these earlier! Is there some way I can get a feed and get to know on mail everytime I get a new comment!?
    It is quite inpiring…especially at a time when I was considering stop writing for sometime!

  3. Kunal

    Hey shilpa..

    I think u should be getting comment notification on ur gmail ( If u are not getting them, Try playing with the settings on ur blog, may be u had checked some option that marks sending ‘No email’.. Play some with the settings and u should become a champ at all this..
    As for providing the readers to subscribe to ‘New Blog post’ notifications, U can give it a try on, If u land in any difficulty i’d be glad to help..
    Available for a chat 9am-7pm Mon-Fri.. No fixed time over the weekends.. Weekdays i’m in office and I’m online :))

    Ps: U can subscribe to my blog by email.. There is a link at the top right corner.. 🙂
    Leaving comments is also appreciated..

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