Friends and Friendship

What is friendship all about? Who are your true friends? Have you ever though about it?

What follows is some thoughts on different types of friends and a video depicting my first and last category of friends! Please read it and give me your comments…Do you have friends who fit in these categories?

1) True Friends- Are people you genuinely liked and currently are in touch with but distance is keeping you away you know what is happening in their life but not a part of it on a daily basis…but you know you will be there for them and they will be there for you and every time you meet you have a ball of a time!

2) Current Friends – People you really really like and want to spend time with and are currently touch with, hang out with

3) ‘Stale’ friends you have grown over and friendships you have grow out of ages back but you still don’t have the guts to admit that you don’t like those people anymore. Every time you meet these friends you hug and say “oh my god..long time…really miss you etc etc etc” but actually both parties are thinking what should I talk about next…or oh my god…what did I ever like about him/her..!

4) Activity friends– This category of friends are people you share a common activity. You may have nothing else in common with them except a sport/ passion for movies

5) Office Friends- These are people you make your daily life livable ,they are fun, they are great for office gossip, they are required for you to keep sane and functional

6) Lost friends– These are people you have lost touch over the years. Despite internet telephone etc there are so many people you have met liked but now have just become icons on your orkut, lost in the sea never to be found again. This is the saddest category of all

7) Potential Friends- These are people you meet and feel a connection with, but eventually you don’t become friends because you’ll just did not have the time and opportunity….eventually these people will come back to you …(in this life or the next!)

8) Rotaract Friends– For everyone who has ever been an active part of rotaract will sure agree with me on having ‘rotaract friends’ as a spate category. Eventually they may become a part of any of the other types of friends…but they will always remain ‘My Rotaract Friends’

9) Friend’s Friends – These are people you meet though your friends. If you like certain people chances are that you will like the people they like! This will hold true if you meet Category 1 and 2 friends of you Category 1 and 2 friends!

Imagine….If orkut/facebook has such a public categorization on these lines…You would know exactly where you stand with your friends…you could go out there and connect with good friends of your good friends!

Well networking sites do not have this…but I have been lucky to meet a lot of wonderful people through wonderful friends I have…and this video is a proof….I hope these friends don’t get into the ‘lost friends’ bucket eventually!

Friends enjoy the video…


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5 responses to “Friends and Friendship

  1. Kunal

    Another one! U simply write some stuff, and i think all of it comes from ur heart, the blog is a place where u put ur feelings..

    I never thought u could categorize friends.. U r either friends with a person or not friends with the person.. I keep things simple, Every friend to me carries the same importance, I hang out with who want to come with me, I talk to people who like talking to me, I open up personally to people who i trust, and these are the categories i can possibly think off.

    ‘0 Comments’, shocked!
    I guess the only key to getting more comments is to ask a question at the end of the blog to which people would definitely want to answer. I also have same complaints to people who read my blog, It is a small group but there is some readership 🙂 I keep telling them to write what they feel, Just leave a comment and i’d be happy 🙂
    And there are some blogs to which people have genuinely responded, My blog on TataSky experience generated more reader interest than any other blog.. Only reason being that people wanted a place to vent their anger 🙂


  2. Kunal

    Hey, special kudos for the video 🙂

  3. Kunal

    Ladka pasand Aaya!!


  4. abc

    where is video link

  5. aplihs

    Well I had migarated to wordpress from my old blog on blogger….so lost the video in transition….but here it is for you to watch….!

    Now I deserve to know the name behind abc….dont i!?

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