The "Purpose of Life" is a "Life of Purpose"

Something beautiful I read and it got me thinking..

“The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose”

I don’t know what the purpose of my life is…..but I know I want to learn and experience a whole lot of things before I move on to the next level…

The purpose of this posting is to
· Make a list of things I want to learn before I die
· Inputs from readers and friends on the best place and the best people to learn any of these things from!
· Tell the world what interests and fascinates me!
· Commit myself to actually “Go Do It”

So here comes the list….. I hope to tick these off and add new things!
1. Neuro- Linguistic Programming
2. Handwriting Analysis
3. Playing the Casio
4. Counseling
5. Handwriting Analysis
6. Dance- Bollywood Free Style
7. Palmistry
8. Astrology
9. Play Tennis
10. Play Squash
11. Personal grooming and make up
12. Dinning etiquette
13. Voice modulation and Radio Jockeying
14. Cooking exotic dishes
15. Become a competent toastmaster and master the art of public speaking

Next I want to elaborate on each of the things in the list with the following
· Why I want to learn each of these things
· What is the level of proficiency I want to achieve



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2 responses to “The "Purpose of Life" is a "Life of Purpose"

  1. Ajit Borkar

    Looks like you have started working on your ‘Bucket List’ already. Good for you! I had never heard about this side of yours… You seem to have vivid interests.

  2. Parthu

    For ‘Personal Grooming and Make Up’ as well as ‘Dinning Etiquette’, I don’t think there could be a better trainer than Sabira Merchant. You could visit her website – for details on her training modules. Also, you could take down her E-Mail Id. and Mobile No. from me in case of any clarification required.

    With regard to ‘Public Speaking’ or ‘Presentation Skills’, you could consider attending any of the workshops conducted by Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya. He’s just a class apart from other professional trainers!! His Website is – I could also try and get you his E-Mail Id. and Mobile No., if genuinely interested.

    As far as Bolywood Free Style Dance is concerned, I do know who would be the best person to learn from! However, modesty prevents me from taking his name 😉

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