I don’t know if I believe in soul mates or love but I have always been afraid of even considering I will find the ‘ideal’ partner. I have always been so skeptical about it that I have never even allowed myself to think what is it that I am really looking for in an ‘ideal’ but then I read somewhere We make our own reality….. we paint our own picture of life. You get what you want…..You only need to know what you want!
So i though to myself, Let me paint a picture of the ideal partner…
So the ‘ideal’ man in my life is going to be….
Someone who I am attracted to
Someone who is attracted to me
Someone who is well read and travelled
Someone who is logical and fair
Someone whose family I can gel with
Someone whose mom and sister can be my best friends
Someone who I can talk to forever and not get bored and yet want to talk somemore
Someone who is a nice Human being
Someone who will be loyal and faithful
Someone who will help to to grow as a person
Someone with whom everything feels right
Someone who loves me for what I am
Someone I love for what he is
Someone I feel I want to know better and spend a lot of time with
Someone who feels he wants to know me better and spend a lot of time with me
Someone with a good sense of humor
Someone who is doing reasonably well in life
Someone with whom I get the opportunity to travel the world
Someone who is reasonably tall and good looking
Someone who I feel the ‘connection’ with
Someone who feels the ‘connection’ with me
Someone I can look up to and respect
Someone who looks up to me and respects me for what I am
Someone who I can trust and feel secure with
Someone who trusts me completely
Someone who can be my friend forever
Someone who is ready to help me with the housework
Someone who can be a partner in this journey of life
Someone who respects women in general
Someone who like to have fun and knows to have a good time
Someone I can emotionally connect with
I wrote all this and then I read a beautiful line in a book I was reading which sums and ends it all up so beautifully

“Don’t try to find the ideal partner, Try to be the ideal partner and you will be emotionally richer” Dr Brain Weiss

So that is the end of my search to ‘find’ an ideal partner and the begining of my quest to ‘become’ the ideal partner!


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3 responses to “Someone…..Somewhere….

  1. Parthu

    After having red through the qualities you would want the ‘ideal man’ in your life to possess, I really think you should change the title of your post from ‘Someone…….Somewhere’ to ‘Noone……..Nowhere’!!

  2. Kunal

    Well, Guess what, I’m back and reading stuff again.. (Had a meeting with the team leader on how to execute the task on hands, ended up saying that the work begins on Monday! today is what? Thursday? who cares, I’m all set for the weekend, a 15 hour sleep awaits me.)

    Intresting choice, Looks like, the Ideal partner for u has to have some patience to go through this post and take some time off, to train himself to be as expected. But i’m sure u will find one soon.. and i think u mention the same in some blog, be a good person and people will be good to u.. or something of that sort..

    If not for a ‘Soulmate’ u have a fan in me 🙂 Keep writing, I never want to stop reading the stuff u write.. I would be glad if u could review the stuff i write (


  3. Kunal

    @ parthu

    Yeah :p

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