Some Concerns shared by Volunteers at the Teach India Initiative

It is natural to have apprehensions when we start something new. All the volunteers who were a part of the program had reservations, concerns and problems when they initially started interacting with the student. This post will list out some of the issues faced by the volunteers.

1) Do not know how to start the conversation with the child?
2) How can a sustain a conversation with a child with whom I have nothing in common for 60 minutes!!??!!
3)There is a Gap in communication / English skills between two students allotted to me.
4)Student does not understand my question in English
5)Should I translate and use other languages such as Marathi in the beginning
6) Student is very disinterested..How do I build his interst?
7)Student is very shy and does not communicate
8)I feel nervous because I do not know if I am teaching the right way
9)I need a syllabus or textbook – that will help me to gauge progress
10) What do I talk to a child who is not my gender

Find some coping strategies to these issues and many more at


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One response to “Some Concerns shared by Volunteers at the Teach India Initiative

  1. Anand.U

    Teach “INDIA” is very good intiative.I’m glad to see you part of it.I hope someday I will be part of something like this …meanwhile here is my start…

    Pass on my hiii to Rupesh,Soheil,Rashmi,Komal

    The volunteers should get into act with third process of building a team and leaders for India and not mere teaching few best editions/practices…I would recommend them to put proper use of their whole brain thinking out there…

    Few handful tips-
    -Ask the Volunteer to Share their childhood experience and a challenging siutation in their life,where they found their inner strength and made them to go after their goals.
    -Ask each students to share their own experience.
    -Ask the students what kind of awareness they got in each session
    -Ask the students with the self awareness they achieved what is that they are going to do with it…
    -Involve them in the whole session,Make them to talk more.
    -Ensure it is a funfilled learning exp …


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