New Features on my Blog!

I had an interesting weekend learning to do new things on the net! Although I work in an IT company I am an absolute non techie so even small things which are normally out of the way are difficult or too much of a pain for me to try out.
But this weekend….I was inspired by an old colleague of mine from Bangalore to put up a counter on my blog to know the number of visits. He told me you will have to write some code on the blog but it is really simple!
I really wanted to know if people are actually reading my blog…..but to write some !!code!! seemed like a difficult proposition…but what the hell….I thought let me give it a shot….I have google to help me afterall….I struggled with it for sometime but then I finally found ( to help me and I realized it was so damn easy!!
Encouraged with my new found success with technology I decided to experiment some more and found there are soo many things that you can easily do with google…like put advts on your blog!
I had read an article in fortune or forbes or something on people writing blogs and making money out of it and thought to myself….what a great idea….but it would be so difficult to implement and its now after almost a year I realized that it is so damn easy to make your blog a money generating piece! You may not make money for a living…unless you do it full time and write a lot of sense….but just the fact that google adsense is so easy to enable is what is absolutely amazing! I still don’t understand how you make money on it…but the basic gist is if people come and view your blog and click on the advts on get paid some few cents!
(So people…happy clicking!…but click only for things you are genuinely interested and don’t overdo it for the heck of it …cause they supposedly debar accounts for false clicks!)

Realizing how easy it was to enable google ads and a counter….I set out to experiment some more…and learnt to put a whole lot of things on my blog!

Here is a list of all the new things I did……it is so damn easy that it is amazing! If I can do it so can anyone! I can put details on how to do each of these things….even if one of you’ll leave me a comment on wanting more!

1) Put a counter on the blog
2) Put Google advertisements on the blog
3) Put a Google search on the blog
4) Give multiple people permission to write on a blog
5) Put a vote option on the blog
6) Put a subscribe to posts and comments option from the blog

Still lots more to learn….I hope this was not only beginners success for a technologically challenged person like me and I manage to go ahead and learn some more things!
By the way check out my teach India blog if you have already not seen it!

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