Ugly Aur Pagli!

Crazy movie….not very realistic….but I guess any director should get his ‘creative freedom’. I always feel If you want to watch reality…watch the news!
Malika Sherawat is looking as hot and sexy, so if nothing else especially the guys can go watch the movie for her! She plays the role of Pagli very well indeed and is absolutely crazy….so crazy that it is not realistic, but then it is the directors creative freedom to exaggerate!
As for Ugly Ranvir Shorey,he is really cute and not so ugly and your heart goes out to him the poor guy who is tortured by crazy Malika and you wonder why does he even bother to be with her…so what if she is sexy!! (But I guess guys will always be guys!) But love is blind…and love lies in the eyes of the beholder! He loves her for a crazyness!
I quite liked the end of the movie because I saw a very philosophical angle to it! It brought out the importance of destiny. You can make choices as per your free will but that will only change the path you take to reach the ultimate end! Ugly was destined to be with Pagli. All through the movie his mom is pestering him to meet an aunt who to introduce him to a very nice girl but he always has excused and does not go.He nevertheless meets Pagli randomly at the station and they go through the routine of falling in love and give us some laughs in the process with some crazy antiques. They go through the pains of breaking up and learn the lessons they are destined to learn! Ultimately when the ‘time is right’ (at the end of the movie)…Ugly gets officially introduced to Pagali through the very same aunt he was avoiding all through out!
Overall the movie is funny in parts…and don’t expect logic from it and you won’t be disappointed…It is not half as good as Pyar Ke Side Effects so try not to compare!
Director -Sachin Khot Producer :Rangita Pritish Nandy, Pritish Nandy Cast – Mallika Sherawat, Ranvir Shorey


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2 responses to “Ugly Aur Pagli!

  1. Inspiration Unlimited

    I feel sad to see a entire movie is copied (scene by scene, including the dialogues), There is no creativity from Director at all. Copied from a Korean movie “My Sassy Girl” (URL: was released on 2001. If possible watch it, may find it’s much more appealing than the Bollywood mix.


  2. Kunal

    Hi Shilpa,

    U run a blog which i definitely would like to subscribe to.. Please add a ‘Subscribe by email feed’ or add my email,, to ur ‘people to be notified’ list 🙂


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