Leaving comments on blogs..

So many people I meet online and in person tell me they have read my blog and they always have something to say about it…(good/bad/otherwise) (by the way the most liked one seems to be the” Analysis Paralysis” post). But hardly anyone leaves a comment on the site…. 😦
People when you come to this site….see it…do leave your mark before you go!
For all those of you have their own blogs I need not explain what it feels like not to have comments on your posts…for all those who don’t have blogs….let me just say it is almost the same feeling of opening you mailbox and getting “no new mail”.


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6 responses to “Leaving comments on blogs..

  1. Rable_Rouser

    Hi Shilpa,

    You have got a great blog going on (after reading your last blog I had to leave a comment).

    Any ways coming to the main reason why I am writing to you is like you I have also enrolled in Teach India program & after reading your blog I am getting
    “COLD FEETS”. The reason is simple that I am not too good with my English.

    I do write but I have really no idea with the grammar and am a bad speller (I took help of Word Check in writing this) . But then I have got second thoughts.

    Do you really need to teach the kids grammar? Aren’t the teachers their to do that? Can we make them unlearn something or what are we suppose to do ??

    Because with what I have interact with the people, their first motive always remains Money and how do they earn it. It starts to act as an important factor. But then all my theories and funda don’t stand a chance as I have not really interacted with the kids.

    So please do tell us how it was interacting with the kids and what where their thoughts , was it just another class from them to attend . would be waiting for your reply


    Parijaat Kothari

  2. Rable_Rouser

    I think the Introduction of Ugly to Pagli’s parent was the “IT” in the movie

  3. Shilpa

    Hey Parijaat..
    Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog… I really appreciate it.
    Don’t worry too much about teaching..everybody is scared initially…but it is not too bad…it is a learning for you as well as your student.
    To answer all the concerns you have we have put together some idea’s for teaching at http://kef-teach-india.blogspot.com/.
    Check it out!
    By the way…how did you come to this blog?
    And yes….the scene when ugly meets pagali’s parents is really really funny!

  4. Kunal

    Hey Shilpa,

    I liked this one so much that i decided to copy it to my blog.. 🙂
    Sorry! I just loved the ‘No New Mail’ line 🙂

    I’m only a free time blogger, I blog only when i have something to share and no work to do..

    U run a great blog, Keep up the good work.. I however did not find a link to subscribe by email for updates on ur blog, Please add it asap, lemme know, I’d be the first to subscribe 🙂


  5. Shilpa

    Wow! Thanks Kunal! I am flattered!! You are actually using what I have written on your blog! Thanks!

    As for subscribe by email for updates…I dont know how to do it! I also dont know how to suscribe to get an update on the comments I get on my blog..can you help?

  6. Kunal

    Hey shilpa.. I liked the post just as it is and wanted readers on my blog to see ur’s too, Thats why i decided to simply use ur stuff..

    As for the email subscription.. I use wordpress, therefore i get email notifications to moderate comments, Unless i don’t approve them they will not appear on the blog.. However in blogspot, the comments are directly published, U should however be getting mail notifications about the comments..
    Check ur gmail.. i think the one used to create this blog is : shilpa.sehgal@gmail.com

    About feedburner, Leave me ur email id.. I’ll mail u that..

    Ps: I could mail u on the email id that i know, but i wonder if u actually are checking that.. I hope u see this one atleast..

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