IT Enabled SMBs!

All the posts that I have written have been about what I do over weekends…I wonder why I have never written about work. After all I spend a good part of my waking hours at work! I have had a very non traditional career path…my post on analysis..paralysis will give you a brief so I will not get into that here and jump straight into what I am trying to do currently!
I am working with one of those Big Branded IT company and my profile is currently quite interesting….we are trying to sell the concept of IT to SMB’s….who don’t really care much about IT…don’t really need it…and don’t particularly want it!
SMB…for all those who don’t know is Small and Medium business..also sometimes called as SME’s..or Small and Medium Enterprises.
SMB’s are normally classified based on
1) Revenue
2) FTE’s (Full time Employee’s)
There are specialized criteria to classify companies in different verticals
1) Machinery case of manufacturing (Something new I learn’t today)
2) Number of beds in case of hospitals (below 200 beds is what would be and SME!)
3) Number of locations in case of retail
I am sure there are many more …but this is what I have learnt so far!
The interesting part of my job currently is that there is so much new to learn! I am learning about the SMB market…I am learning to sell…I am learning to manage relationships…manage internal politics…I can go on!
There are a million challenges in addressing this market…or jungle as my boss puts it!To start with we don’t even have a reliable listing and data on companies in our Go to Universe (GTU)…
We are not really sure who we are selling to….not sure what we are trying to sell….our customers don’t think they need what we are trying to sell…and yet when we manage to succeed..and that makes is all the more fun! It can be extremely frustrating….and sometimes fun…but whatever it is definitely a learning experience. Will write more latter on my sales experiences!

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