Which Rotaract Club should I join???

I went for the Bombay West Installation today….and it felt really nice…almost like going back home!It is all so familiar…everyone knows you…you know almost everyone…you have been a veteran there and you identify yourself with the club…everyone there is a friend….you may not be in touch with them all the time but you all been through so much together as a club. The Rotarians know you….the office staff knows you…even the new members have heard of you (good/bad otherwise is a besides the point!!) Well after all you have been there for years together and spend many hours at the rotary center….given your bit to the movement and gained a whole lot more in return! My house used to be the second office of the Rotaract Club of Bombay West….a venue for our projects (the parents nite!) and many many meetings… My Indica was the official Rotaract truck to ferry things to and fro…and our cupboards used to be the gowdown for all rotaract stuff! My entire family was the rotaract family….I was a president for a year…. Eventually Sam (my younger bro!) also got inducted into rotaract has been the president for a year… my Mom has been an active part of so many of our projects….Dad has always cribbed about Rotary( don’t think he still understand the difference between rotary and rotaract!) but over all he has been supportive….Bottom line… not only me but my entire family along with me has been an integral part of Rotaract Club of Bombay West!!

We moved out of Juhu to our own house in Chembur.….Rotaract Club of Bombay West is logically too far to be actively involved…..but it is possible…

Logically Rotaract Club of Deonar is a better choice to join…it is close to home…it is nice active club….the do some interesting projects…..I have always heard a lot about them….but it does not feel like home….I fell like an outsider…..I don’t really feel a part of it…L…I don’t feel belong there….. I guess I have barely gone for any meetings…and not been involved with any projects….it is like a chicken and egg situation….If I don’t go for projects and meetings…I will not feel involved….if I don’t get the feeling of being required and involved…I will not go for meetings/projects!

Now what is the best thing to do…..?? RC Bombay West..? RC Deonar ? Neither!?? Either..?? Both…??

“Analysis Paralysis” is raising its ugly head again! I am sitting on the fence…analyzing and doing nothing about it!!!

While I was writing this I realized…this can be compared to other aspects of my life… relationships…..work..

RC Bombay West is like an old relationship/job….which has gone stale….which I can drag on but it may not really be the best thing for both parties……but I don’t want to let go..…I love my club….it is comfortable…..it is mine with all its flaws and good things……

RC Deonar is like a new potential relationship/job..…scary….unknown…unchartered…. different…

What should I do…?? Forget my baby RC Bombay West (I was called the amma of the club!) and take the plunge and move on???

Which club to join is a very small and insignificant thing to decide…….but I am talking ages to make that call….and I am loosing out on precious time….(you can be with Rotaract only till the age of 30!)

How ironical ….. I am doing exactly the same thing with the rest of my life! It’s a pattern that is repeating in almost all aspects of my life….be it work….relationships…..leisure!

Awareness if the first step to change.……..I have taken the first step!



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8 responses to “Which Rotaract Club should I join???

  1. AlterinG Abhishek

    saw ur blog today!

    Hey i also wanted to be on teach india!!

    they nevvah responded !!


  2. Shilpa

    Yes…Teach India is really rocking…If you have registered…they should respond to you soon…

  3. methyl

    hey shilpa…. thats so true… its so difficuilt ….felt very similar when i left my chartered club and joined bbay west but i guess its all about being in the movement….u might not even knw when you might learn something different being in that club… RCBW is an itegral part of u and thats not going to change come whatsoever… :)…cheers!!

  4. Parthu

    I can very much relate to the dilemma you are encountering at present. About eight months back, I too was experiencing a similar sort of confusion and I am glad that ‘I did take a decision’! Only time will tell whether the decision was correct or wrong, but what makes me truly feel proud is the very fact that I immediately acted on my thoughts!!

    Most of us have a very high tendency of holding on to our past. This is clearly because our past accomplishments have caused us to build a zone of comfort around ourselves. Apart from creating a sense of belonging, the past also induces a great deal of ‘Resistance to Change’, as a result of which we restrict our exposure and thus, end up curtailing our growth. I firmly believe that ‘Growth’ is the end product of ‘Change’ and ‘Change’ is the end product of ‘Exposure’. The more exposure you gain, the more you transform yourself and the more you grow!!

    Having joined an another Club, I was exposed to a whole lot of challenges – the challenge of getting adjusted in a new environment, the challenge of making new friends and most importantly, the challenge of proving myself all over again!! I am still going thorugh the process of overcoming these challenges, but am absolutely thrilled about the growth I have achieved for myself in due course!! The change has not only enabled me to broaden my perspective of thinking, but has also enlarged the World that I exist in!!!!

    Life is not about residing in your past, but about travelling the distance from the past to the future. It’s about operating from a larger canvas. I haven’t really disconnected from my past, but have taken the past along while heading towards a future that enjoys a wider spectrum!!

  5. Parthu

    Just as you feel annoyed when people don’t comment on your posts, I too feel a bit deceived when I don’t find any responses to my comments, after having put in so much of an effort compiling them!!

  6. Shilpa

    Hey Parthu!

    You write well….you should be starting your own blog asap!

    Sorry…for not responding earlier comments….I though it was not a done practice to to write comments on your own post…then I saw some other blogs where people have responded to comments on their own blog….and realized it was not against the blog etiquette!!

    I promise you every comment will get a response!! Keep on writing….I am pleasantly surprised that you bother to read my blog!

  7. Shilpa

    Hey methyl (nice name by the way!)….you are right……I need to move on!!

  8. Anuj

    hey shilpa,
    firstly u hav managed to put up a real nice blog….ur thoughts have a logical flow and ur blog makes up for an interesting read…but u need to just b a lil careful abt the inadvertent mistakes tht happen…probably typing errors…as for ur deliemma abt RCB and Deonar, I guess its a decision u and just u can make but if u ask me, I would obviously like u to continue with RCB. if u look at it anothr way, it will allow u to come all the way to juhu n meet old pals, but if u take up Rotaract Deonar, it wud b practically easy coz of travelling. but then juhu is a good place to hang out wat say 😉

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