Bachana Ae Haseeno

Quite a cute movie…..Three heroines….and one Ranbir…Thank god he is not romancing them together at the same time!
The movie is about Ranbir’s love affairs over about ten/twelve years.
The Manisha/Ranbir plot is a take on DDLJ and it is quite well done! They meet DDLJ style on the Eurail. Manisha is a girl who is enamored by DDLJ and has watched it seventeen times and she is hoping she finds Raj…and she meets Raj Sharma(Ranbir)! I could so relate to the DDLJ smitten Manisha….the movie has had that effect on me and many other girls I know!! Ranbir breaks her heart and moves on without blinking an eyelid!
The sexy Bipasha is Ranbir’s live in girl friend and he ditches her on their wedding day and does not look back
Ranbir ultimately falls truly in love with Deepika Padukone and she turns around and tells him she does not love him and he is heart broken.
Ranbir finally realizes what Manisha and Bipasha would have gone through when he ditched them years back and he decides to go back and ask for forgiveness! They forgive him…and Deepika falls in love with him and they live happily ever after!
On a philosophical note… to me the movie embodies the law of karma (read earlier post on Law of…)as you sow you shall reap…but it in your power to expiate your negative karma!
The way I have described the plot it may sound corny but overall it done well and was quite cute! The songs are nice, the cinematography and locations are beautiful….the cast has acted well and is looking nice…overall a nice movie worth watching once!

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