A Lousy Book I Read..

An open Window
As Everyman’s Guide To The Spirit
Author Sri Madhava Ashish
I picked up this book because I liked what I read on the back cover of the book. This is what it read..

“This brief but profound book assails the conventional understanding of
dreams and their interpretation, drawing attention to a much neglected aspect of
dreams as a source of guidance of spiritual aspirant”

Wow I hoped this book would help me to make sense of my dreams and give me some spiritual guidance maybe!

“It uses insights of psychology, but transcends it to confront the
inescapable questions most people are driven by : what is the true purpose of
life, and does it all end with death?”


I though to myself….yes it would be interesting to understand the purpose of life from a psychology and spiritual aspect! So I picked up this 125 page book for 200 bucks from Crossword!

And boy it is a complete waste of money and a complete waste of time spent reading it.It just did not make sense to me. It is one of those books at the end of which I have absolutely no take aways.
Thank god it was just 125 pages and it did not take too long to finish. I guess the back cover synopsis and the book is not written by the same author.
One good thing about the book was that it sure helped me to go to sleep at night.
So if you see the book in the book store I recommend you don’t pick it up. I really dont know why I pick up books like this.

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