Rotaract Saturday…

We were suppose to go for a Water RYLA this weekend….RYLA for those of you’ll who don’t know are RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. It is camp organized by the Rotary for the youth. The camps normally have a theme and there are talks and activities around the theme. Over all it is fun like camps are always…night out in some remote place are always fun…even if some of the talks are boring.
So Water RYLA, as the name suggest it was all about water. It was suppose to activity oriented 3 days on water conservation, water harvesting and a whole lot of other things related to water.We registered for it, but since we could not bunk work on a Friday(See how dedicated I am!), we tried to get permission to attend the RYLA over the weekend however it did not work!
So we had a weekend free, which was planned to be dedicated to fun at Rotaract…and the plans went down the drain!
So an old friend of mine from my RC Bombay West days, who also with the rotaract district and currently my strongest link to Rotaract activities suggested we go for a RC Churchgate project “I Object Your Honor” which was a mock court room competition.
The project was overall fun. We had to defend a case, present evidence and witness, cross examine the opposition witness. The project could have been handled more professionally, the timings were not adhered to. Overall a nice way to spend a Saturday morning especially since we won the competition!


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3 responses to “Rotaract Saturday…

  1. Kunal

    That’s wonderful.. All the social service activities that u participate in seem like fun..Wonderful nice way to spend a Saturday morning..

    Some of us, about 20 have formed a club that does some social service activities and we normally meet on a Sunday morning.. Just started to have some fun activities, where we discuss some morals in life with some scientific principles.. It is normally fun with games and stuff to prove what we are to say..

    This activity sounds like fun, will take it up for some meetings to come 🙂

    Shilpa, I’d be glad if u can summarize some of the fun activities that u have been a part of over some time as a blog. If u choose to do otherwise, I’d be glad to receive an email on it.

    Ps: Blog Update on

  2. Shilpa

    Rotaract rocks….Kunal…why dont you look for a rotaract club in Chennai….you will be able to do all this and much more!

    Nice blog by the way….your post on Tata Sky seems very popular!

  3. Kunal


    I was a part of Rotract in college, I did not find it much fun, or may be i was in sessions where they had boring topics to discuss!!

    Also, This is Chennai yaar, not Mumbai. People here are more serious about social activities than involving people in fun activities.

    Blog, Hehe.. Thanks.. 🙂
    The TataSky blog is more popular because there are 2 million subscribers and at least half of them are unhappy with the service.. I try to keep it updated, and people come back for more.. :))
    Writing letters to Tata’s customer service made me look for some media mail id’s.

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