Dropped my Phone….

Today looked like my lucky day… I managed to hitch a ride with boss while going and coming back from work. Boss dropped me at a spot close to home near his ‘sutta shop’ and I got into a rickshaw to go home. Half way home I digged into my bag to sms a friend and realized my phone was not in the bag anymore! I clearly remembered putting it in the outside pocket….but I checked all the various sections in the bag in vain…L My phone was no where to be found…!!
I told my rickshaw driver to take a U- turn and we rushed back to the ‘sutta shop’….looked for my phone all over the place…but did not find it…:-( I asked the people standing around and smoking if they had seen the phone. All of them denied seeing it but they were quite helpful and started looking around the place with me.
Someone suggested…”make a call and see if it rings”. Lukilly the ‘Sutta shop’ also had a PCO. Tried calling my phone a number of time but I could not get through…(Dolphin Network!). I finally got through the number…someone picked up the phone…but I could not hear anything…
I tried again….the phone was ringing but no one was picking it up any more. Discussions around the ‘sutta shop’ were gallore…”phone gaya”…”if someone picked up the phone once and is not picking up again…it is not a good sign…
Some of the local ‘men’ around the shop wanted to help this damsel in distress and offered to talk and give ‘dum’ to whoever had the phone…but no one was picking up the phone anymore!!
Finally someone picked up….the phone…I could not hear to clearly….my newly found ‘friends’ came to my rescue to talk to the person who had my phone…and do whatever it takes to get it back!
He spoke with full on josh….”kidhar ho”…”Kaha hai phone” ….and then suddenly handed the receiver to me….
The person at the other end…sounded familiar…he also knew my name….oh my god…it was my boss…I dropped the phone in his car! Thank god! Today was indeed my lucky day!
I don’t have my phone yet…but chances are bright that I will sure get it tomorrow morning!!!
Lesson learnt : Never keep a phone in the outside pocket of your bag!


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7 responses to “Dropped my Phone….

  1. Blue Kite Dreamz

    Lesson(S) learnt

    1)Carry a pocketless ..sectionless bag.. carry a slab of granite instead ..
    2)Dont hitchike with boss
    3)Dont hitchhike with bosses who stop at sutta shop
    4)Dont hitchhike with bosses who stop at sutta shop which hv PCO attached .
    5)Dont hitchhike with bosses who stop at sutta shop which hv PCO attached and with people standing around and smoking..
    6)Dolphins communicate better in deep waters..
    7)People Smoking…besides PCO can Often can turn out to be yr rescuers..specially if u are a damseled distress who has gone through point 1-7 .


  2. Kunal

    Had been in a car?? That’s the first place to look at for a lost phone.. Its happened to me a number of times.. Lesson learnt, “Never use ur cell phone while driving :)), especially if it is ur friends car!!”

    Also never leave ur phone in ‘silent’ when outside office, can never help a dismel in distress :))!!

  3. Shilpa

    Hahahaha! Sometimes I feel the comments are funnier than the original post!

    @Kunal…you are one regular reader of the blog…tnx!

  4. Kunal

    I read ur blog to learn something, ‘Humor’.
    U express it beautifully in words.. and that is what I’m trying to pick up..

    If u have been to my blog, u must have seen the kind of writing i do.. Long and serious.. I can’t express humor with words and that is what I’m trying to learn..

  5. Kunal

    And hey, Ur mum has a better blog!
    Not as humorous, but definitely more attaching..

  6. Shilpa

    🙂 Thanks Kunal…I am glad something thinks it is humorous! I am a part of the toastmasters club…and I need to come up with a humorous speech…and I am struggling to come up with a concept!

  7. Kunal

    I wish i could help! 😦

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