I got a new book to read today (“Earning the Laundry Stripes” by Manpreet Sodi Someshwar) which was highly recommended to me by someone in my ‘all boys’ sales team…(I am a rookie as far as ‘sales’ is concerned…..enjoying it tremendously for now!)

It seems like an intersting book. If and when I finish reading it I may post my version of the book review here. I have just read the dedication in the begining of the book…and I though it was worth writing about…


This book is for

Who taught me to dream
Who keeps those dreams alive
Who is a dream come true


I though this was so beautiful and it simply sums up life…
— ———————————————————————————————-
Your parents teach you to dream…
Your partner is someone who keeps those dreams alive…
You have a baby who is like a dream come true!!
So people go out there and dream…..”The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams” …and may all your dreams come true!!!




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5 responses to “Dreams…

  1. Blue Kite Dreamz

    You wrote and i quote ..” So people go out there and dream…..the future belongs to those who believe in you dreams…and may all your dreams come true!!!”

    Whaaaaaaatttttttttttt ??????

    Are you trying to say..that i do the dreaming part …and the future belongs to those who beleive in my dreams……wow thats taking greatness to another level….

    or was it some sentence formation error ? 🙂

  2. Anand.U

    well…I can see what you wrote out here in good mood…with all due respect for you…it is nice quote for a indian family spoon fed dream…hav fun!!!

  3. Shilpa

    @ blue kite..it is a sentence formation error! Will correct it asap!

    Well the book is by an Indian author…so I guess it is the Indian context…
    But then I think….dreams are universal….

  4. Kunal

    Dreams.. Something that i forget the moment i wake up.. I have never believed in dreams, and never had one.. I believe that my life is already scripted, and all that i can do is to live with it..

    I don’t dream of becoming the happiest person in the world because the next thing that would happen is that I’m worried about something that is an obstacle to me ‘Living’ the dream.. And that’s the time lose all the happiness (Something I dreamt off)..

    To me dreams are just some moments of joy.. nothing more than that..

  5. MaDdy!!!


    Try this book “The LAst Lecture” By Randy pausch. Its about achieving your childhood drreams.

    Review is on ma blog

    C ya

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