Early Morning Workshop…

The TCS Toastmasters club organized a two hour Humorous speech workshop starting 7.30 in the morning!!! Crazy is’nt it…who starts a session so early…I guess they they may have though it was a humorous way to begin!

The previous evening on my way back from work…I was contemplating of I should take the trouble to go for the workshop or no…I called up a friend from the club to check who all are coming…and he was like…..”I don’t know…. I am not coming…I think just the organizers and the speaker would be there!”

And I though to myself…chuck it…why take the trouble to get up at 6 in the morning and reach work so early..So I called up the organizers to do some general talk and tell him that I am not planning to come…but he seemed quite enthu and gave me a picture that the workshop would be really good and lot of people have registered etc. So I decided I would get over my laziness and actually try and go for the workshop…and I did!

I generally love workshops….especially if there are the personality development….soft skills types for a number of reasons…
1) Get to meet new people
2) I would like to be a trainer someday….so it is a fun to see different people handle the participants
3) End up learning something new

So since I am an “enthu cutlet” (a slag used by unenthusiastic people of this world for people like me!), I actually reached office at 7.30 for a completely optional session for which the utility was also under dark clouds of suspicion!

I reached office in record time…..15 kms….15 minutes drive end to end! As I pulled into the parking lot….I saw a red color Zen..and then another car and a then a few more! I was pleasantly surprised…Looks like the trainer and the two organizers have arrived with a few of their friends…Thank God I am not going to be all alone!

I stepped into office at 7.30…walked up the stairs to get to my work area…and OH MY GOD….there was a crowd at the reception with two perplexed harried security gourds trying to get entry passes for all those people and wondering what hit them early in the morning…
There were almost 30 people for the session. It may not be a large number by itself, but for someone who was expecting 3 people early morning…it was a shock!

The session per se was not bad! A gentleman called Ajit Kamath who was a corporate trainer was the coach and conductor for the session. The basic objective was to empathize on the importance of non verbal communication to create humor.

It was a normal interactive workshop with group activities.
The key take aways were
1) Weave a story
2) Be descriptive and make the audience travel with you
3) Let the body language be natural
4) Prepare but sound spontaneous

Theoretically I understand everything…..…practically I understand nothing!!

I have signed up to participate in a Humorous speech contest at the club level….I really don’t know what to! Attempting to be humorous can be extremely tricky…especially if you tell your audience…you are going to be humorous!

The bottom line: “Humor is serious business!”



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7 responses to “Early Morning Workshop…

  1. MaDdy!!!

    Humour is definitely serious business…I love humor..Perhaps you could go thru some humorous articles on the net for some pointers..

    And the Brick part that you sked about..I wont spoil your fun..Read the book!!

  2. Kunal

    All the best!
    That’s all i can say.. Humor comes naturally to a person, but to weave a story together seems a lot challenging.. Narrating it in a humorous manner.. hehe.. no comments!

    I would love to be a part of sessions like these.. Already on look out for some toast master clubs in chennai..

  3. Blue Kite Dreamz

    Humour when natural…specially when cast on self is a potential potent mix .

    The actual attempt ..and preparation for the speech..the ups and downs of it … is a humourous act by itself.speak about that pehaps….

    In any case only those who are confident can make a fool out of themselves in front of others….

    self depreciation and letting out the idiot you without the masks needs lots of courage …

  4. Anand.U

    Wow…Humour is my forte…you always have the potential to me next the Rusell Peters…you can go abt it by talking abt kramers at your work place…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CVKUwegPJo …hav fun !!!

  5. Shilpa

    Firstly….Thanks for all the comments…!
    @Maddy….any links on humorous articles?
    @Kunal…there is a toastmasters club in Chennai ‘Expressions’ HCL Chennai You can mail them at rsandhya@hcl.in. You may not be able to join since it is a corporate club, but check if they are coming up with a community based club.
    @blue kite dreamz..
    Will try self depreciation for humor…it is a good idea! By the way…why are you called Blue kite dreamz?
    I am confused! Are you humorous and have the potential to be the next Russel Peters? Share some tips!

  6. abc

    Theoretically I understand everything…..…practically I understand nothing…..nice quote

  7. aplihs

    @abc…! Tnx…

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