Teach India : Week 5 – A Disappointment…:-(

I went all enthused for the Teach India session today after two weeks of holidays (Rakhee /Janamastmi Saturdays) only to be disappointed.
There was some program going on in school and barely any children turned up. So today there were more volunteers than students!!
Since I did not have any students for my session, I decided to make use of my time and see how the others were teaching be a silent spectator and get some ideas. I did get some idea’s from other people and I also realized that I was doing a decent job with the kids!

Some idea’s I picked from other which I plan to use with my kiddo’s next week…

1. Play the shopping game- A role play in which one of them is the shopkeeper and the other a customer. This works well especially if you have girl students.
2. Read the news paper with the kids … One of the volunteers was reading the news paper his kids…I this can be used effectivly to make conversation if it is made into a game!
3. Use activity books like find the word in the maze, easy crosswords etc
4. Read out a story to the kids.


Being a silent spectator is not my natural style I was quite bored and came back home in an hour and slept!


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One response to “Teach India : Week 5 – A Disappointment…:-(

  1. Anand.U

    Well…I miss all the festivals big time out here … 😦

    Newspaper sounds good to me.How about library ?

    if at all I would i ever get to teach…I will focus on
    -Self learning

    i would give each member to find a word in English and as a team they have to find a way to frame a sentence or a story with those words.

    One thing I observe via your blog is that there is lack of ripple effect among students about teach India activities.Again I could be wrong,but my understanding is that if students are talking to each other ,if you are playing the same games over again,then they should be able do it better .Somewhere there is disconnect among the students .if you could think out of the box and catalyst the students coordination ,that would be amazing.

    Gud luk …hav fun !!!

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