Personality Plus Classification!

Florence Littauer classifies people into four personality types. I had attended a workshop on this a few months back and then I found a book written by her a few weeks back and it revived my interest. It is quite an accurate classification and now every time I look at someone …I think..ah he is a PC/PS…or a PM/PP…or eh….this was a typical PS statement..If nothing else it is fun to bucket people in different categories….and tell someone…you are a PC…and have them look at you in confusion! (This by the way would be a typical PS statement!)
Check out this link and do the test for yourself..and do remember to tell me the results!

By the way…..I am a PS/PC….read on an you’ll know what that means!

Popular Sanguine (PS) : The Extrovert The Talker The Optimist
Appealing personality
Talkative, Storyteller
Life of the Party
Good sense of humor
Memory for color
Physically holds on to listener
Emotional and demonstrative
Enthusiastic and expressive
Cheerful and bubbling over
Good on stage
Wide-eyed and innocent
Lives in the present
Changeable disposition
Sincere at heart
Always a child

Poweful Choleric (PC) : The Extrovert The Doer The Optimist

Born leader
Dynamic and active
Compulsive need for change
Must correct wrongs
Strong-willed and decisive
Not easily discouraged
Independent and self sufficient
Exudes confidence
Can run anything

Perfect Melancholy (PM) :The Introvert The Watcher The Pessimist
Makes friends cautiously
Content to stay in background
Avoids causing attention
Faithful and devoted
Will listen to complaints
Can solve other’s problems
Deep concern for other people
Moved to tears with compassion
Seeks ideal mate
Easy to get along with
Pleasant and enjoyable
Good listener
Dry sense of humor
Enjoys watching people
Has many friends
Has compassion and concern

Peaceful Phlegmatic (PP) :The Introvert The Thinker The Pessimist

Easy to get along with
Pleasant and enjoyable
Good listener
Dry sense of humor
Enjoys watching people
Has many friends
Has compassion and concern



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6 responses to “Personality Plus Classification!

  1. Kunal

    I’m a PM : Phlegmatic Melancholy.

    I actually don’t go too deep into these tests.. I would not care if I’m a PM/Pc or whatever.. and definitely would not look for the same in others..

    Just wanted to find out if this meant anything.. Took the test.. and found I’m PM..

  2. Innocent Warrior


  3. Shilpa

    @innocent warrior…So what is your personality type??!!

  4. MaDdy!!!

    Hey shilpa…

    My personality came out as Sanguine phlegmatic…what on earth si that??!!

  5. Shilpa

    @ Maddy..
    It basically means you are and PS/PP …(My Mom is a PS/PP too!)
    You have a Appealing personality
    are Talkative and a Storyteller
    and always the Life of the Party
    with a Good sense of humor.

    You are Easy to get along with,Pleasant and enjoyable Inoffensive and a Good listener!

    Does it hold true for u?

  6. Kunal

    I’m a PM.. looking at what u have for PM’s, everything holds good..

    But is there a ‘Cold Reading‘ to it??


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