Rock On Rocks!

Finally saw “Rock On”…and it Rocks! I am not a rock music fan per se….and cant really directly relate to being a part of a band etc….but the movie is great and the music is good…..It is one of those movies you come out smiling….:-) and feeling good…
Farhan Aktar looks hot……Arjun Rampal….looks like a looser…….well that is his character in the film so he looks that part! Good acting by everyone….Prachi Desai was also not too bad….but I somehow did not like her hair style in the movie…..they could have done better with it!
Purab’s character could have been better defined….there is not much about his family or relationships or anything….looks like the did not have time so they cut out his track…
Watched the late night show….but did not sleep through the movie….so basically it was entertaining enough!
Tired now….going to sleep…..go watch the movie! And “Don’t download the songs Buy the CD” (This comes on screen before the end titles start exactly at a point when you are thinking to yourself…ah lets go home and get the songs!)

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  1. Kunal

    Nice post..

    Before u write a review on it.. i;m watching the movie.. Booking tickets for this weekend..

    Never been a rock music fan, always felt the music is crazy and wild.. Not my type.. So did not want to watch the movie, But reviews have been great, and i think it talks more about peoples life than rock music.. Lets see how it goes through my mind.. 🙂

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