Ganpati Bapa Morya!

We brought Ganpati Bapa home today! Was a nice day….had lots of people coming home!

My old friends from Juhu….new friends from SGI….new friends made at Badminton court all came home for ganpati darshan…..and many for the first time!!

Neighbors Relatives Friends….. I love people visiting!!

I guess i just love being with people…

Not in a mood to write much…so will sign off and go read……brush….pray….maybe do a Tarro Card reading ….and go to sleep!


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3 responses to “Ganpati Bapa Morya!

  1. Kunal

    U do tarot card reading.. then u should be reading my post on ‘Cold Reading’..

    I think u have something to say about this..

    U can also subscribe to the blog by email, Link on the top right corner..


  2. Kunal

    May god bless us all..
    Ganpathi bappa… Moriyaaa..


    Ps: It was a very important day in the jain community yesterday, We pray to god and ask for forgiveness for all the sins that we may have committed knowingly or unknowingly..

    If i have hurt ur feelings or have said anything offensive, something that u may not have liked, I ask for forgiveness..

    Mitchami Dukkadam..

  3. Innocent Warrior

    Ganpathi bappa… Moriyaaa..

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