Ganpati Visarjan…

Visarjan done….I feel like writing on of those school time essays which end with “we were tired but happy!” but chill that is not what I am going to do.

From the time we have started keeping Ganpati at home almost 11 years back, the visarjan has always been at Juhu Beach…

For all those of you’ll who have never seen Ganpati immersion at the beach it is a site worth seeing…it is beautiful…the sea is enormous with and the Ganpati idols are majestic.. The beach is vast with people dotting every available inch….it is very windy and you can feel the salted humid wind hitting your skin…there are people huddled at regular intervals on the sand around their ganpati idol doing the pooja and trying to keep the flame burning despite the breeze…you can hear the aarti at different stages…synchronized claps…jingle of the pooja bells…all interspersed with roar of the waves and the sound of the wind in the background…

We would do our pooja at home…walk down the garden steps…reach the beach…huddle….do the final pooja…carry the ganpati to a certain distance out into the sea and then get one of the many boys around to take it further into the water..and stand in the sea with the sand disappearing from under the feet and watch…

Somehow we would always go in the night and I can so clearly remember the moon shining on to the sea waves and getting reflected back…we would see the boy carrying your ganpati walking into the darkness of the sea …and then he would turn around and there was just enough moonlight for us to catch a last glimpse of our ganpati….

It was a very private and spiritual moment out there on a crowded beach…..

It was very special but it is now that I have actually realized the real value of it…as this year was different…

Since we have moved away from the sea front; we went to a Talav (Pond) near home to do the Ganpati Visarjan…it was a very different experience….. It was brightly lit…lot of noise….not too much wind so our Diya was burning brightly without us having to huddle to keep the wind away……As for the moon…earth was too brightly lit by halogen lights for me to notice the moon if it was there…

We put the Ganpati Moorti on a wall in the corner…did the pooja…. There was a narrow gate guarded by Policemen to go down the talav and only one person was allowed to go down the steps that to upto a certain point and not into the water….my brother managed to go past the gate…We were not allowed to go down the steps….and were craning our necks from across the grill to catch a last glimpse of our Ganpati with the policewomen trying to shoo us off and whistling into our ears….One of the volunteer boys carried the ganpati into the pond….and tak…its over……

I am not even sure I spotted my Ganpati going down…We are asking each other…”Ho Gaya kya..?” And then someone says…“Nahi hua…..hua hota to Sam(my bro) would have come up by now” and then we realized that visarjan ho gaya…and Sam came back from another gate which was the exit gate from the pond…!

So it was done…..quick….Well organized….well coordinated and managed by the police and the volunteers…..but so mechanical that somehow the sprit was lost..

Done…One more year of Ganesh Chaturti is over…. As usual I always feel it gets over very quickly….the house feels so empty after visarjan…everyone who gets Ganpati at home/colony will know exactly what I mean…

Overall been a wonderful two days…


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3 responses to “Ganpati Visarjan…

  1. Kunal

    We never have had a ganapathi in our house, We always feel that it is a big responsibility and even a small vighna is bad when vighnaharta is home..

    We stay in an apartment, We celebrate ganesh chaturthi and all other festivals together.. This year is great like it always is..

    We would do the visarjan at the beach, but these days its become a little tough as only the huge idols are allowed at the beach for visarjan, Pollution u see..

    Therefore we leave the idol at the nearby temple; they carry our idol to the beach along with the big idol and do the visarjan for us..

    But it never will be like mumbai.. Big pandals, Huge Idols, thousands of devotees and all that music makes ganesh chaturti one big festival.. In chennai it is a lot silent, Not huge pandals, but decent sized ones are always there.. For the fun part of it, It is the people who make the difference, People in chennai are a lot calm than anywhere in India.. SO u can imagine what it would be like here..


  2. abc

    i read/ heard many opinian abt pond visarjan. bt wht u ve said is really true. specially last para..

    …..”quick….Well organized….well coordinated and managed by the police and the volunteers…..but so mechanical that somehow the sprit was lost.”

    somehow sprit was lost ….

  3. aplihs

    Hey! Abc…..thanks for all the comments you have left on my blog….looks like you read quite a few of the posts…..I wish you were not anonymous though…

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