The Week That Was : 30th Aug to 5th Sep!

Well end of the week…don’t know what to write….so I guess I can put one of those posts on the week that was….
Saturday : 30th August
Celebrated Saturday and slept all morning! Finished the book “Earning the Laundry Stripes”…Went for the Teach India session only to be disappointed as no kids turned up and then went to play Badminton in the evening….did not get to play too much…but that is my fault I went really late but I jogged in the ground so it was overall a good trip to the club!
Sunday : 31th August

Slept all morning and watched TV…all ‘intelligent’ boring stuff like the news et all….cause I got into trouble for not knowing enough on current affairs on Friday…(long story! may write more latter..)
Evening met some friends…and went for a movie…but that was a fiasco….we we found a nice chai place at New Bombay called “Masala Chai”…and chilled out….chatting…played truth and dare …(All truth no dare!) Over all was fun…I had gone with a group of people I did not know too well….so the fiasco at the movie hall(Read Fame Raghuleela Fiasco!) was almost a good think as we all got to know each other better!

Monday:1st September
Normal day at work…..Highlight of the day…I came home and went for an half an hour jog at 9.30 in the night and worked up some sweat!
Tuesday : 2nd September
Work as usual…and then went and watched Rock On for the night show….already post a post on this!
Wednesday: 3rd September
Ganpati Bapa Moriya! Had a whole lot of people coming home was good fun!
Thusday: 4th September
Took a day off from work for Ganpati Visarjan
Friday 5th September
Normal day at work…went out for dinner with some office friends and did the general crib routine..and the talks on what we dream to do! Overall a fun evening!

Well so overall an nice week….with two holidays in the middle of the week and a lot of action!



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4 responses to “The Week That Was : 30th Aug to 5th Sep!

  1. Kunal

    Nothing special about the week..
    U forgot about writing blogs and reading comments :p


    Visit My Blog!

  2. Shilpa

    🙂 well ofcourse the week was special….it was Ganpati week..!!

  3. Shilpa

    🙂 I have got so much ofline feedback about how booring this post is.!! Will try and not write anymore stuff on the week that was!

  4. Kunal

    @shilpa 😛
    Well that is no reason to stop posting something like this..

    This is ur blog and u can do what u like to it..

    If u have nothing to write on make this one interesting 🙂

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