Coordinators Hat…

The last trek we went to Lonavala was wonderful and we wanted to go for another trip before it stops raining and we believe that the more the merrier…

So all of us decided to call “other” friends…and make a biiiig group….and we did….we are 11 of us in the last count I took…

From the last two days I have been trying to coordinate the whole thing and it has been such a pain!!!…

No consensus on place!
No consensus on time!
No consensus on mode of transport!
No consensus on anything!!

I have an Hyderabad group and we called ourselves the “Junglee Musafir”…and one of my friends Ria would always wear this hat of the coordinator….and now I understand why she would be so frustrated by the end of it!

But end of the every trip she would plan….we would have a ball of a time…..lets us see if this trip tomorrow works out…



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2 responses to “Coordinators Hat…

  1. Anand.U

    Well…I know exactly you are talking about…it is amazing feeling to be grounded while holding on to n kites…no wonder you are having ball of time when you’re friend Ria holds on to it. 🙂 hav fun !!!

  2. Kunal

    One difficult job to handle.. But this is something i take up with will.. Coordinating things is fun, but u can do nothing without help..

    To make life more easy, u need to ask and ask it in the right way.. By doing it u are making sure that u are not giving the ‘Being boss’ signals to people in the group..

    Atleast now u have a group that has some common interests, Get people involved in small activities and the burden will seem to become less, U will want more of that in time to come..

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