Karjat Calling…

Well the trek worked out finally and it was rocking!!!
After much debate on time/place/mode of transport 11 of us set out to go to Saguna Baug and then we moved on to a waterfall….had a wonderful time!

I am up since 5 in the morning thius extremely exhausted now to write any more….so just check out the snaps…
And if you want to read more..Check out my friends blog….. http://lipak.wordpress.com/
Update:10th September
Sorry need to pull out the snaps…
Update :14th September
Another friend wrote about the trip…check it out!


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4 responses to “Karjat Calling…

  1. Kunal

    Trekking is always fun, specially when u have people with common interest and people from the similar age group.. Its one activity that brings u close to nature..

    Good to know that u now have a small group of people for all this.. In Chennai there is a trekkers club that organizes treks on a weekly basis.. Never been on any of these treks, but heard positives about it from colleagues.. U should may be initiate something similar in the place u live.. Which i suppose is Mumbai 🙂

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  2. Shilpa

    🙂 You bet it was fun!!

    there are professional groups here also….but it is more fun to go with friends only!

  3. Kunal

    Hey, Whats with the comments deleted by the author..

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  4. Shilpa

    Kunal…I had posted the same one twice by mistake!

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