Everyone makes mistakes….and I make plenty!

Type of Mistakes

1) Known: You know it maybe ‘wrong’….but you still do it…..these are the “greys” in life. I believe that life is not all black and white…and there are a lot of things which are grey!
2) Unknown: It is a genuine slip…and you realize it once it is done. This is actul mistake! It just happens and you realize…oh my god!
3) Blind : You don’t even realize you have made a mistake, but others around you get hurt and upset. Being a PS I am sure I do many of these..!

I made a mistake today and was very upset about it….not a very big deal….but I was still quite upset with myself…It was one of those mistakes which was somewhere in between the known and unknown…..Your intentions are right….but you still don’t say/do the right things at the right time…and you immediately realize…oh oh… Looks like I said the wrong thing or I did not say the right thing…and feel so stupid!

And then what do you do…?? How do you make amends?

Is realizing and repenting enough….?? Is having the correct intentions good enough??

I really don’t know….

I remember someone from my Buddhist practice group once told me that …realizing and repenting in not enough and you need to make amends…

She had read this somewhere and remembered a chana wala in the lane she use to flick chana’s from as a kid for the kicks, she actually went back to the shocked chana wala’s son who was still selling chana’s in the same lane and paid him 50 bucks!

I don’t know if it is a good idea….but it sure made me feel better…made me feel a little in control..

I though I could actually do something to amend a mistake….may be not directly cause words once said cannot be taken back…but indirectly!


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4 responses to “Mistakes….

  1. Anand.U

    Breathe…Breathe…Breathe…Relax…we all hav been there…

    Mistakes …the Unusal,Innocent & Ignorance…it happens since there is child in everyone of us.w/o the child what is point in living ?

    Realization…The parent in one is going to very critic on the child…which ofcoure your blog shows that…

    Call and Make Up…is the adult act…Generous and wise minds will always understand the child !!!

    Keep the child alive…hav fun !!!

  2. Kunal

    Yes, U need to relax first and think about whether the mistake has affected somebody or someones feelings.. If it has, be genuine and apologize.. Apologies are the best way of correcting the mistakes..

    “People say that making mistakes is a step towards success, but it is actually the correction of mistakes that is a step towards success”
    Everyone makes mistakes, but if u happen to realize it then correct it..


  3. Blue Kite Dreamz

    Once i got real angry ..when i was calling out my mother from the other room..i went on “Ma…ma…ma” bt she wdnt answer…i barged into her room and found her pleasently watching out of the window…i asked her why wasnt she answeing to my calls…she said she was enjoying my calls of “Ma”….

    I thought and thought over this incident for a long time..i realized how the Gods on earth …induce..direct and play these simple games…

    I attribute the chana wala to another god in disguise…he always knew that yr Budhist friend was pretty good with her nifty swift fingers..and he was actually enjoying the “Chana Heist” from the corner of his eyes..while tapping his arthiritis struck weary crooked fingers on the wooden frame of the cart…

    Dont you realize he was the “Sutradhar” here…he had written the script…the part of yr friend coming back and paying his son 50 Rs. after she was all grown up ..was also the last part of the script….

    The chana..the chana seller…the 50 Rs….the chana walas son..all connected ….and looking for new synapses to form…..but direted by the Sutradhars ..we just playing the parts….

  4. Kapil

    I liked the categorization of ‘mistakes’ that you have done! But there are so many greys in life that most things around you might start looking as mistakes that way 🙂

    Well, as long as you realize that you made a mistake from your perspective (most people falter here itself) and make the biggest amend – which is never to repeat that mistake again, i guess you’ll be doing just fine!

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