Stat Counter…

Discovered something new today on “stat counter” thanks to a friend at work who is also a fellow blogger.
We were discussing blogs as usual at work in between our attempts to do work and he was showing off the wonderful statistics that wordpress has to offer. I was really quite fascinated and had half a mind of shifting from blogger to wordpress so I would also get to know some more details on the people who have visited my blog etc.

I use the “stat counter” to see the number of hits that I get on my blog…(If it is a decent number it keeps me motivated to continue writing!).

All these days I have been looking at the default page which gave the summary on the page loads/new visitors and returning visitors and I suddenly realized there is so much more stat counter has to offer! So duh of me not to realize there was a whole menu to choose from and get interesting statistics on your blog!

The stat counter which is a free counter gives you over 23 other options to choose from and I was restricted to only the summary! How Duh!

Here are some of the interesting things stat counter has to offer..

1. Summary : Well well….they only thing I would see all these days!
2. Came From: An interesting statistic…It tells you how people reached your site…I realized people I don’t even know have referred me on their blog!
3. Keyword Analysis : This is a cool statistic to see…it analysis the key words people have put on google to get to my blog. I did not even realize that my blog was available for google search!
4. Recent Keyword Activity: This is a continuation of the previous one…..what was very interesting was that 8/20 google searches that landed on my blog were to do with my ear wax post!
5. Recent Came From: This gives details on the recent visitors on your blog. Where they came from, what browser, OS etc they use, their city, IP address and even how long they stayed on the site etc etc! Quite Informative
6. Exit Link Activity : Gives details on How many times your links to other websites are being clicked by your visitors….definitly interesting to know!
7. Downloads: This was a surprise….did not realize people download stuff from the site!
8. Download Activity : Gives stats related to downloads…a revelation!
9. Visit Length : This gives the amount of time someone spent on your site.. 🙂 good to know..some people have spent over 30 mins here!

10. Recent Visitor Map: This one is super gives a world map and the peole who have visited you form various sites as dots on the map
11. Country/State/City/ISP : This one is my favorite….it show you the people who have visited your blog by country city state etc! Among other countries I have had visitors from Tanzania..! I wish everyone who came to the blog left a post!



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8 responses to “Stat Counter…

  1. Kunal

    This is pretty neat stuff..
    These stats are actually very interesting.. and would not be allowed in wordpress..

    U can add so many other stats to ur blog for visitors to look at about ur blog. Just look up google for ‘Blogger widgets or blogger stats’ and u should find plenty of sites with interesting and cool widgets.

    I would still suggest burning a ‘Feed’ and allowing users to subcribe to the blog by email (Go to the publicize tab->email subscription once u have registered and burned ur feed), As i don't think the 'Follow this Blog' widget notifies by email.. 🙂


  2. Kunal

    In wordprss u need not install any widgets, it just like that gives u all the statistics.. I guess u must have seen that..

    Hey and about people from Tasmania.. and some other countries.. Most of them are spammers..

    WordPress catches the spam for me, wonder how it works for blogger..

  3. Innocent Warrior


  4. Anand.U

    Shilpa…somewhere down the line i think you started to lose your dinosaurs …again i cud be wrong…look at the way you started it…and google ads and stat counter…it doesnt look real anymore…again i cud be wrong…hav fun !!!

  5. MaDdy!!!

    where do u get this stat counter??

  6. Shilpa

    @ Maddy
    This is how you go to stat counter..The free version gives only the last 500 logs….I fell it is good enough for me !
    I have gone to feedburner and done something…not sure if it works..check it out.
    I did not understand the comment!!

  7. Anand.U

    My bad…Never Mind…hav fun !!!

  8. Kunal

    Thanks u Shilpa.. Leaving comments on this blog, redirected Maddy to my blog 🙂

    I guess we are building some kind of a community here 🙂


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