I dream to start something on my own someday but I don’t know if I will really ever get down to doing it.
So many people who are working and have this ‘loose’ dream that they want to become entrepreneurs…Some manage to go out there and take off …others always keep talking about it.
I have a feeling that I belong to the second category…..but I really really want to move to the first and actually take the step just quit my job and do something on my own.

But I don’t have the guts…and I really don’t know why! It is not that I have major responsibilities in life or in dire need of money and cannot take the risk. I don’t know what is holding me back.

I don’t know what comes first….
· Quit your job and then think of what to do to fill your time and make money
· First have plan and then say good bye to work

I would say ideally feel have a plan and then say good bye!

But while I am still working..…life is comfortable…..I almost like the routine..…I like going to work…I like most people at work(my boss can be a pain many a times..but overall he is not too bad..infact he is quite nice when he is not screaming!)…and I like the paycheck that goes into my account….it is overall comfortable…..so I don’t really really have the need to rock the boat!

So life goes on….I don’t know if I am doing anything significant and meaningful at work…but I am sure I must be learning something cause there is so much I don’t know…..

Overall….I really don’t know where I am going with work and what do I want to achieve…

What I know for sure is that ultimately I most definitely want to quit a 9 to 9 job …

It would be nice to do something on my own..I want to have my own clinic/chain of physiotherapy/ wellness centers where I can employ people so I don’t have to be there all the time and simultaneously I want to become a corporate trainer/teacher..(?!) wherein I take periodic sessions for adult groups….maybe become a part time RJ…and a part time Yoga Teacher!
‘Part Time’ is a very important word for me….I love variety… It would be so wonderful to be able to play multiple roles at the same time…be a corporate trainer some days a month….a yoga teacher in the evenings….and an RJ on sundays …. run your own wellness centers and make enough money in the process!

My current job…I really don’t know if it is taking me where I want to go….maybe it is…I am not too sure…because I don’t know the path to get where I want to go….

There are certain themes that are important to me….
· Learn/do something new and different…have a variety
· Have fun!
· Meet People..
· Have some flexibility

And as I write this I realize…my current job provides me with all these things at least by and large most of the times…It may or may not be directly taking me towards my end goal…..or I may just be right on track..

An anology that comes to mind to explain the situation: I think I want to go to Delhi(own clinic/Trainer/Yoga Teacher/ RJ) and have Chole Bature (part time work/variety/multiple role)…I am sitting in a train(my current job) and having Alu Poori(learning something new/having fun/meeting people etc)…hopefully the train is going towards Delhi(my own clinic etc)…even it is does not….I anyways don’t know which train goes there!
So bottom line no point in jumping off the train as of now… if I do I will end up missing the Alu Poori that I am currently getting and be stranded…as I do not knowing which train to catch to get to Delhi! And you never know…this train may just be on the right track and take me to Delhi…well even if it does not and reaches Bangalore…I may just like Bangalore better!!

Bottom Line : “Enjoy the Journey”…


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9 responses to “Entrepreneurship….

  1. Blue Kite Dreamz

    “There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s the risk, the gamble. In any event it’s a thing I need.”
    William Faulkner quotes

  2. Kunal

    “So life goes on….I don’t know if I am doing anything significant and meaningful at work…but I am sure I must be learning something cause there is so much I don’t know…..”

    I think everyone shares the same feeling.. Be it a person who works 9 to 5 or even an entrepreneur..

    We need to find ways to keep hings different.. Blogging for example.. I always look forward to posting some experience, not knowing if it would be liked by the readers, I just do it..

    Cricket is another activity that i look up to on the weekends, If i don’t find time for this activity then life becomes a bore..

    I have no big goals planned for the future, therefore i have no worries about choosing a path, i might take things as they come.. I feel life is already planned, its up to us to enjoy every moment of it.. Complicating things will only lead to more confusion..

  3. Kunal

    And hey, the link to subscription is to a blog reader, Look for ‘Email subscriptions’ tab in the ‘Publicize tab’ after logging into feedburner..

    There are many other options that u might want to play with.. But don’t make it too much..

    And yes, Comments keep me motivated too.. As of now, No body wants to comment.. I had 48 views on my blog on the 9th of September, Not one comment.. I’ll keep posting no matter what.. 🙂 It keeps me happy 🙂

  4. Anand.U

    One thing that I have known for a certainty about you is your ability to make me laugh. And I know I am not the only reader who falls over laughing at some of your blogs. You think you are a bit eccentric? No my friend, you are down right nutty and people love you so much for it. Maybe because you remind me of myself just a tiny bit back in those days. My days are never dull whenever I read your blog. hav fun!!!

  5. sandra

    Hi shilpa,
    What a confused state of mind…..believe me, it’s a sign of growth.I thought you were talking about me….We are sailing in the same boat…..Any ways enjoy this confused state of mind….clarity can be scary baby….and paanipuri can be quite fulfilling……right

  6. Shilpa

    @blue kite
    Nice one…I will need to jump the horse over the fence someday….!

    @ Kunal…

    I will try and giger out the e mail bit…but if I manage to do that…people wont come on the blog na…?

    well…the first time I read the comment..I was wondering…what is funny! I guess maybe you found the train anology funny…please correct me if I am wrong..

    Nice to see a new person leaving a comment on my blog…I have a very cute friend Sandra in Singapore….are you the one!??

  7. Anand.U

    Shilpa San…yeah…and I did jump out of my 9-9 hyd train…i wish i had waited for one more station…may be it wasnt meant to be that way…as i said before you’re special because of the decisions you made at a particular point in time of your life…and dont let anybody/anything take that away from you…dreams are nothing but ones dinosaurs it will be extinct as time catches up…noone can turn back time…hav fun !!!

  8. Anand.U

    You can only hope to fly when you jump…if gravity pulls you down…atleast you know you tried …rgt ?
    btw i am going to europe for 2-3 weeks…so as usual hav fun !!!

  9. Kunal


    It does not matter.. If u have subscribed to my blog by email.. u should have seen what the content of the feed is.. Play with Feedburner, Use the ‘Summary Burner’ in the optimize tab.. This way only a small part of the post will be displayed.. The rest of it will be what u type in the teaser box..

    This way, all ur readers will be notified about the blog post.. and will have to visit the blog to read the full content.. Anyways to leave comments u have to visit the site 🙂

    All this will only be useful when u r a small time blogger.. But u publish almost on a daily basis, so i guess ur readers have no reason to have a email subscription.. Even i use it actually to only remind them..

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