Entrepreneurship Forums..

In line with yesterday’s post…here are some entrepreneurship forums I accidently came across…is it a sign?? Is it fate’s way of telling me to move on??

(Read http://lipak.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/the-language-of-signs/)

..As usual I really don’t know!!

Check it out…and tell me if you have heard of them!

Young Leaders Forum – http://www.imcyew.org/
The Young Leader’s Forum (formely YEW) was setup by the Indian Merchant Chambers in 2001. Our mission is to create a platform for young Indian leaders to build network, grow and realize their own potential. Through cutting-edge events, forums, site visits and workshops (10 every year) the forum aspires to empower provide opportunities and expose young Indians to a cross section of leadership issues. The YLF will be the youth platform most known for identifying and empowering leaders

TiE Mumbaihttp://tiemumbai.org/
TiE Mumbai is part of a global network of entrepreneurs which mentors, supports and facilitates the growth of new enterprises. TiE Mumbai was seeded in October 1999, and formally launched on December 7th, 1999. Today, TiE Mumbai is a multi-faceted organization and is an active TiE chapter dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship leading to wealth and job creation.


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9 responses to “Entrepreneurship Forums..

  1. Dheeraj

    hey.. m telling Mysticism is wat we believe in.. Rite? SO Quit ur job and do wat u really like and if that seems a bit too risky.. Chant for clearity.. it will make a huge Difference.

  2. Kunal

    I’m not looking at any of these forums, just for the fact that i don;t want my mind to think of anything else.. I’m currently happy with my job and the pay check i receive.. 🙂

    I’ll be here!

  3. Shilpa

    Nice to see a first comment from you on the blog..!
    And ya…clarity is what I need…

    Its nice to be happy and enjoy your work!

  4. david santos

    I loved this post!!!

  5. Shilpa

    Thanks David! Very intersting to know someone from portugal found the blog useful!
    Would really like to know what did you really like about it!!??

  6. Kunal

    Hey Shilpa, looks like u are having a fan following here 🙂

  7. Shilpa

    @Kunal….I dont know….there was not much that was wonderful about this post….does not seem like a genuine comment!

  8. Kunal

    @Shilpa.. I now see more comments on the blog.. And more people praising the content in ur posts.. To me that is a fan following, people are coming to ur blog!!

    Never happens here!

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