The Buddha in your Mirror

I like to read philosophical books…but normally I never read it end to end(Dr Brain Weiss is books are an exception) but a friend of mine give me this book “The Buddha in Your Mirror” written by Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin &Ted Morino, three authors from USA and I really liked it. It spoke about happiness, relationships, death among other things. I quite like the take on relationships work and happiness…

Some key take aways:-
# The only thing common in all your relationships is you!
# The relationships we have formed are a reflection of our own state of life
The key to transforming relationships lies in the process of transforming ourselves
· People do not respond well to constant criticism people love to be appreciation and praise and they will try very hard to get them!
· If we want people to do more…we need to appreciate the good they are already doing
· It is not what we do for a living but how we do it and whether we feel useful and find meaning in our work
· In real estate there are three important things…location location location! In finding happiness there are three important things attitude attitude attitude!
· The most important thing in finding satisfaction at work is becoming indispensible wherever you are!
· The best way to find the best job is to become the best employee!

Overall a wonderful book….and really easy to read with a whole lot of anecdotes and stories. Read more about the book and the autor at

Happy Reading!

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  1. Kunal

    Interesting points u make.. If i could summarize, Keeping things simple and not complicating matters in life is a sure shot method to gain happiness from life.

    I’m not keen on reading books, never have been fond of any except a few comics.. For that matter never was fond of blogs either.. 🙂

    I’ll be here!

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