Considering moving out of Blogger

I plan to move out of blogger…at least from the current site..Since I intent to continue to blog so I am considering moving to wordpress as the publisher.Now the question is why do I want to move?

1) Just for the kicks!

2) WordPress is suppose to be better. Easier to use, better features etc etc

3) WordPress has an import functionality so I can easily move from blogger to wordpress

4) I can access wordpress from work..blogger is blocked!

5) To have an interesting name to my site…having your name like I currently have is very boring
So people….give me idea’s…what should be the name of my new blog???

Some idea’s
# aplihs…
# Princess of clouds…
Better brighter idea’s please!



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2 responses to “Considering moving out of Blogger

  1. Kapil

    Princess of Clouds!! Imagine all the infra guys rushing to your blog thinking you r the guru of Cloud computing!!! 😉

  2. Kunal

    Moving out of blogger.. Just when i was thinking about moving into blogger..

    Last night, was analyzing pro’s and con’s of both providers..

    WordPress is a lot easier to use.. Settings seems simple..
    Blogger is a bit complex for a newbie, Things seem a lot simpler using it..

    Blogger allows scripts and Flash animations on the blog, widgets.. WordPress does not allow any kind of scripts.. Getting Statistics to work is real difficult on wordpress..
    Talking about Statistics, WordPress has a full statistics module built in.. The only reason to stay with wordpress.

    I’m on ‘Analysis/ Paralysis’ now.. Probably will stick to wordpress..


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