Restless Princess..

Someone at work coined a name from me today… “Restless Princess

The princess part was just so it sounds nice and rhymes

Restless is the key word here….

To explore further I asked him…so tell me why do you say I am restless? And he said…overall your “Demeanor is very restless!”

Now I don’t think it was compliment ….chances are it was definitely not…but who cares! I take it as a compliment! Focus on the princess part! (Whenever in doubt always take it positively and say Thank you!)

Do I agree with the nick name….?
Yes I do…..
I am very restless….I constantly want to do something….something new…something different….any idea…any plan…I am always game…I always want activity…..It is quite crazy….There are times I get irritated with myself and want to calm down.

But do I wnt to change? No

Can I be calm and composed? Yes I can….
Do I want to be like that ? No I don’t…cause it makes me feel sad..
I like to be happy.…(act happy at least even if I am not feeling it!) I like to be enthu..…lively….energetic…
The negative scale of all of it would be hyperactive…restless…over enthu…and ya I guess I do get there sometime…maybe many a times…!

I think any ‘trait’ in excess would have a negative connotation and it is a balance that needs to be maintained in anything!

The good part is I think I realize it most of the times that I have tipped to the negative side of being energetic but the bad part is that even when I realize I have crossed over to the negative side of the scale I cannot come back to balance immediately!

Good night for now from the “Restless Princess” for now maybe that would be the new name for my blog…( I think it is quite cute!)
Better Ideas anyone for a new blog name??


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3 responses to “Restless Princess..

  1. Husac

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    See ya around!

  2. Anand.U

    Restless Princess …Sounds like fun …I guess it wud be even more fun with Restless Indian Angel … 🙂 … you may wanna think abt ShiGal…hav fun !!!

  3. Kunal

    Never known u much.. Wonder how restless can u be.. talking about restlessness, My mom is one example, she always has to keep doing something.. I thought my mom was the only restless soul.. 😀

    Anyways, Nice name.. Princess was to may be make u feel good about the restless part of it 🙂
    It does not matter what the blog is called, it is the content that makes the blog cool..

    For now, I’m feeling restless..The Office AC is gone off..


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