Expectations Reduce Joy

“Expectations Reduce Joy” This wise piece of advice was quoted by my younger but smarter bother….
I think it is soo true….
If you don’t expect something from someone…there are good chances that you wont get disappointed and feel let down….!
So what should you do?
Don’t expect anything ?? Keep a safe distance? Don’t trust anyone?
But If you have no expectations from someone….I guess you cant call them a friend…they are then they are then only acquaintances…..

Theoretically the right approach would be to keep faith and have expectations…..trust people….and if they don’t meet your expectations…..don’t bother…continue to keep the faith..

Only wish what you know theoretically and what you do practically was easy to integrate!


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4 responses to “Expectations Reduce Joy

  1. Anand.U

    Shilpa San…Everybody has been here…You gotto get over this zone soon as you can so that you can see lot more and it gets better better better……i’m sure you friends will catch up with you soon…hav fun!!!

  2. 'S'

    🙂 Thanks Anand…I am having fun…1 I am sure the others will eventually catch up!

  3. Kunal

    I have been wanting to discuss this with people, I’m actually going to post on this soon..

    Ur brother is got it spot on, When u expect more, u tend to ignore all the small happy moments in life.. That’s my perspective.. To blog on the same soon..


  4. 'S'

    @Kunal..Looking forward to your post on it..

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