I have always felt I need to have the freedom to choose….But I have come to realize that choices stress me out….they spoil the fun of the moment…This weekend was a great example…

Had a hectic week with a lot of clashing interesting things to do and I had to choose! As usual I want to be everywhere and do everything….but it is not humanly possible

So I made the best selections and had a great weekend….But sitting here at the end of the day I can think of all the things I missed…would it have been a better option??

What Did I Miss??
· Teach India – Children’s Quiz Session
· Badminton
· Toastmasters Contest
· Sunday Dinner with friends

Well Well….looking at this list….looks like a whole lot of things I missed….but that was not the case…there is a lot I managed to do!

What Did I Do?
· Rotary Session
· Dinner and Dancing with friends
· Zadenki – Buddhist discussion meet
· B-Plan discussion session
· Pooja and Dinner and cousins place

Overall I did have a wonderful weekend.…but would it have been better if I did not have soo many choices? Maybe…I would have been more satisfied!

The week starting tomorrow…I am not going to have much of a choice…I will have to get up early morning and go to work…do I like that? Not really…I would love to have a choice!

Choices..cant live with them…cant live without them!


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6 responses to “Choices…

  1. Kunal

    Yes, It’s not always easy to choose between the things that are good.. If there was sleeping in that list, I’m sure u would have ‘chosen’ to skip it 🙂

    That’s how choices are, u always feel that the other one would have been better..


  2. Kunal

    Off Topic:
    All the recent blogs are short and are no comparison to the older blogs that audiences liked..Take ur time to publish one good blog..


  3. 'S'

    Welcome back Kunal…Nice to see your comments again!

    Well sleeping was also on the list…I just felt it was not imp enough to put it up!

  4. Anand.U

    Buddy…One thing i learnt from your beautiful friend is that …One always has a choice…All One needs is the clarity …hav fun !!!

  5. 'S'

    which beautiful friend?

  6. Anand.U

    Shilpa San…Hopefully there will be a good time…I will introduce you to the one who Resides In Anand 🙂 …hav fun!!!

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