My Horoscope- Week of 22nd September

New ideas and horizons beckon to you on Monday, thanks to the entry of the illuminating Sun in your sector of philosophy and spirituality. Of course, anyone who knows you is aware that you love to be unpredictable. The only consistent quality you have is your inconsistency. You’ll have a lot of fun exploring your new pursuits, and you’ll learn a lot, too. On Saturday your emotions take you on a very wild ride as the Moon opposes your ruler, erratic Uranus, in moody Pisces. You’ll overreact to events, so count to ten before you emote.

Well I can already feel myself overreacting and getting overtly pissed! So friends…forgive me its the planets doing the trick!



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2 responses to “My Horoscope- Week of 22nd September

  1. Kunal

    Is this Sagittarius..
    I’m a ‘sagi’..


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