Reasons for Not Writing & Upcoming Posts!

Hey People…Sorry I have not written so long…there are many reasons to it…some of them being
1) Been Very Very Busy
2) Been slightly lazy about writing since I am considering moving to another blog
3) Not had the time/inclination/drive to actually start a new blog….so I am somewhere inbetween “na yaha ke na waha ke” types

Well I have lots to write about…
1) Teach India Week 8
2) Review of the Book “Earning the laundry stripes”
3) GSE Interviews

4) Breaking rules ( Was just chatting with someone about this…I think I will write about it some day to get clarity!)

So people keep looking at this spot (or another spot if I get over my laziness and make a new one) for these posts and other posts coming soon..

(I know this may be classified as one of my boring posts….but what the hell its 1.30 in the night and it is a working day tomorrow…I am allowed to be short and booring!)



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3 responses to “Reasons for Not Writing & Upcoming Posts!

  1. Kunal

    Long waiting for an Update..

  2. 'S'

    🙂 Hobo…I like your style…A simple smile!

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