I had to get to a meeting and was standing at the station trying to get a cab and since it was a short distance the cabs were not to happy to go. Suddenly a policeman came to my rescue and said… in marati..“kothe jaye cha aahe..?” “Where do you want to go?” and I told him my destination
He very sweetly (unlike a policeman) asked the cab who refused to go..the reason he was not willing to go. The cabbie had some explanation and the policeman let him go without giving him a hard time and then he ensured he got me another cab!
Well here was a policeman…who came to help out of the blue without being asked and was not even rude and unreasonable to the poor cab driver!
I have wanted to write about policemen for a very long time….and this small incident finally inspired me to actually do so…
I think our poor police men have a very thankless job…especially the traffic police…they stand all day in the hot sun or the rain with those yellow raincoats in the middle of the chaotic traffic and every time we see them….inevitably we curse them…and think… oh the chaos is because the signal is not working and the police is directing the traffic manually! Or we think “ Ah he is standing there to make some money”
Well there are some policemen who would be wicked…and actually put on the signal on a turning which is normally a free turn just to make a quick buck!
But overall kudos to the traffic police force…I think they have a very tough and strenuous job…and if they do want a bribe from us once in a while when they catch us doing something wrong…what the hell…they deserve it!


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2 responses to “Policeman!

  1. Kunal

    Given the salaries that they are paid for the kind of job they do.. “What the hell.. They Deserve it.”


  2. HOBO

    Bribe is always a Bribe but yes, I feel penalty should be very heavy if someone breaks the law.
    And yes, I salute them for their hardwork.

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