Visitor from Pakistan!

I had my first visitor from Pakistan today (on my blog not home…!) and this is what they were looking for

“In VADA PAV make some more improvements”

They reached my post on Beggars… because it had the word ‘Vada Pav’ on it! I am sure she would have been disappointed cause it did not give any inputs on how to make better vada pav’s!. (Gender biases so I am assuming it was a she who came looking for how to make Vada Pav’s better!)

So what do I know about my visitor from Pakistan
1. She/He is from Karachi
2. Uses Cyber Internet Services (pvt.) Ltd as the Internet Service Provider
3. Uses the Firefox 3.0 Browser and Windows XP operating system
4. I have the IP address (but I think I should not put it up)
5. This is the first time this visitor came to my site!

6. They reached my page from a search string in

All this from the Stat Counter that I have put up on my site!
It gives me a whole lot of who are the people coming to read this blog…?

Looks like they are from the following countires!

1. India
2. United States
3. Romania
4. United Kingdom
5. Canada
6. Europe
7. Sweden
8. United Arab Emirates
9. Oman
10. Japan
11. Hong Kong
12. Pakistan

India and US obviously topping the list, but the surprise element here is Romania! Some one from Bucharest using the Firefox 2.0 browser has come numerous times on this blog!
My friend form Romania …do write a comment…It would be nice to read!

And for all you bloggers who don’t have a stat counter on their site yet….go on an put one…just click on! It is good fun to see the statistics and you know what…it is really really easy to do…if I can do it..anybody can!

For all the people who have reached this blog by hook or by crook… leave a comment…especially if you have come from some exotic location like Romania/Sweeden/Japan!



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13 responses to “Visitor from Pakistan!

  1. Anand.U

    Shipa San… The one from Romania with Firefox wud be me 🙂 !!! You sud consider adding themes to your blog !!!

  2. Anand.U

    Happy Dussehra …hav fun !!!

  3. 'S'

    Anand…so u are in Romania!!!

  4. MaDdy!!!

    Interesting, can I know hw do you get the stat counter?

  5. Anand.U

    Shilpa San…Well I back in Atlanta now …Been there in Bucharest & Neptune for two weeks…hav fun !!!

  6. mysticalme

    I am not from some exotic location but i thought i will still leave the comment…:)

    cool post.

  7. ambika

    Its good to know when people visit your site from so many different countries. And sad that they just visit and leave, without comments 😉

    For the Pakistani readers of yours, how about starting a Recipe section, that would invite a few visitors!!!

    As for me, sadly, today Blogger isn’t taking my WordPress identity 😐


  8. 'S'

    Hey It is a pleaure to come home and see 8 comments on a post put last night!
    @Maddy Click on the link below to get stat counter
    @ mysticalme
    Thanks for leaving a comment! The first comment by anyone on my blog is always very special!
    Well will have to tell my mom to start a recipe section..she will have more to write than me!
    I cant see anything about u on blogger….how do i get to your blog?

  9. Kunal

    Hey shilpa..

    Statcounter does tell u where the person came from.. And what they searched or what link they used to visit ur blog.. Luckily wordpress has all these stats inbuilt..

    To locate the user, Look up their ip on..

    Ambika has a link on her name that she has signed on the bottom..
    Like mine..


  10. Ambika

    Kunal is right @ Shilpa…

    Thanks @ Kunal 😛


  11. Timus

    Mr. K
    If you are reading this comment, take your to include enteries from Pakistan. Somebody may be coming up with a chain of vada pav in Pakistan…..

  12. aplihs

    🙂 This post seems to have generated the most number of commnets! And two new people on my blog! Not bad for a post that I personally though was not very good and creative!!

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