Use Blogging as a Lifeline and not a Deadline!

I was tired and not in a mood to write now…but I have been writing regularly(read everyday) for the last few days so I did not want to have a break in the posts.

It is not that I did not have anything to write, My days are quite interesting, I manage to meet interesting people.. have some interesting conversations….read some interesting books..and I
always have an opinion and a though on everything that happened in the course of the day! So if I sit back and think about the day I would always have atleast 3 things I can write about! I normally write about one…and so I have a back log which if it is very interesting, It comes in one of the subsequent days as a post…..if not if just falls through the cracks.

So bottom line…there is always something to write about ..only if you think!

I was just being lazy and did not feel like writing so I asked a friend I was chatting with if I could skip today and he said…ya you can and this is what he told me as advice..,,

“Use blogging as a lifeline..not as a deadline!”

And that is when I decided…this is what I am going to write on just now!

So what is better?

1. Have a deadline and write a post on regular intervals? (The regular is defined by yourself can be every week/every month/every day)


2. To use it as a “Lifeline” and write whenever inspiration strikes you? And write only when you truly truly feel about something?

Well as usual everything has its pros and cons…

In my current state of mind I would be a propagator of make blogging a deadline…and decide for yourself (you have a choice) the interval you want to write a post and stick to it.
What would be the advantages of having a deadline?

1. It is a small thing but it inculcates disciple within yourself when you keep a promise that you have made to yourself (I wish I could sustain this for other things like exercising/praying/meditating etc!) Osho says..start with small easy things and build up/excersie you will power and this will help you when you need determination for difficut pursits in life )
2. Someone who comes to your blog expecting an update (at an interval specified by you) is disappointed to see the same old post
3. Writing every post is an experience and a learning. It helps to structure your thoughts and you learn something about yourself in the process
4. People say that if you have a deadline the quality of your post may not be very good…well that may be true…but there is no guarantee that even if you write when inspiration strikes you that you will come up with a master piece! Also even if you write a post which is not the best because you have a deadline…chances are that it will give you practice to structure your thoughts and put them down and when inspiration does strike…you would have had enough practice!
So all you blogger out there….I agree in principal to the fact that you should write only when you are inspired…but I would also say…keep an internal deadline for yourself…and write at least something before that deadline…
Bottom Line : Don’t wait for inspiration to strike before you start writing..just start writing and inspiration will strike you while you are writing!
Happy Blogging…! Hope to see regular post from many more people!
PS : I may be going on a vacation next may not be able to put a post everyday unless I manage to put advance posts to be published at regular intervals!


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3 responses to “Use Blogging as a Lifeline and not a Deadline!

  1. Anand.U

    Ok little sister…You blog readers will be just fine during your vacation 🙂 hav fun!!!

    PS: No books during vacation !!! Best souvenirs on way back!!!

  2. Kunal

    “Don’t wait for inspiration to strike before you start writing..just start writing and inspiration will strike you while you are writing!”

    That is what is driving me these days.. But i have been not able to publish for a few days.. most of the time its regular!


  3. 'S'

    Little sister! Thanks…I like It…but u never know…I may be older than u!
    You are alredy quite regular in posting!

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