Law of Karma and Non Vegetarianism

Read an interesting line on this topic in an unlikely source..”India Unbound” by Gurcharan Das (I am just on chapter 3 in this book and there are 20 more chapter to go…so in case I continue to read the book chances are many more posts would be inspired by the book!)
The author writes very well….It is almost like he is talking to you…the English is simple and you can picture the scenes that he is describing without any effort and I think that is what makes a writer great…
His father was a very spiritual man and as a child he used to tell them that one inherited the karma of the animal that one ate and therefore one regressed into the reincarnation cycle of births and death. The goal of ones life was to break free from this cycle and achieve unity with the Absolute. It did not make sense to eat meat and add to one’s karmic burdens.
Now I am not propagating Vegetarianism here…although I am by and large a vegetarian myself…I taste non-vegetarian exotic dishes occasionally… the most exotic non veg dish I have tasted is Szechwan Frog legs in Singapore and it was quite nice. Only once have I ventured to eat a complete chicken burger and I could feel the little chicken jumping in my stomach, maybe it was psychological…maybe it was just to heavy to digest..but that was the end of my ‘eating-eating’ non veg …but I am still open to tasting because I believe in trying out almost everything new that comes my way!
Now there is a significant difference between eating and tasting…and I know what it is for myself but it is difficult to explain…so everything I tell my friends I am a vegetarian…I get sniggers with sarcastic smiles and some ya rite it you say so type of comments…So not I call myself a “pseudo vegetarian” with a tag line of I taste non veg but don’t eat it!

Those are my culinary back to the funda that made me want to write this post!
“One inherited the karma of the animal that one eats and so It did not make sense to eat meat and add to one’s karmic burdens”

I think it is interesting though….and it does make some sense…you are killing an animal to eat..and you are preventing him from completing his life and fulfilling the karma that he had come to complete…since you are digesting and assimilating (inheriting) the body and preventing it from completing its cycle….you might as well inherit the Karma also!
The counter argument to this can be..maybe it is the karma/fate of the animal that he was to be killed and become food for someone to eat. It is the animals karmic debt that had to be paid off by being eaten!
I don’t know the answers…the complexities of the “Law Of Karma” are many…the only thing that I am absolutely sure of is that the Law of Karma exsits!
PS- I have written another post few months back on the. The Law Of… Karma. Check it out!


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8 responses to “Law of Karma and Non Vegetarianism

  1. ambika

    Whoaa!! Its still the 9th here, and here it is.. your post scheduled for the 10th..

    Now, that’s what I call Regularity!! 😉

    Time-Zone problem for the site, so you miss a day, and we miss a post! 🙂

    Still not allowed to put up my link.. 😦


  2. 'S'

    I normally post in the is a holiday…so here comes my post early in the day!

  3. Anand.U

    Grandma … 🙂 Well that was quite <=> logical …but time to time i admire the white spaces inbetween which makes life more meaningful than the words…

    The Poultry industry Supply chain is a wonderful experience by itself…Im sure chicken wud be happy to play the central role!!!

    Winter is starting out here and i can already see people having a grill on their yard with their friends…now I wud that is amazing thought and experience …

    Input and Output are mere data/numbers they will never tell you the experience!!! it is like reading the book and conculding without going through the experience…and if at all you are going through you are not expecting anything different from the logical conclusions!!!

    One who slept all the night will tell you Good morning…and who didnt will tell you…what a night it was !!!

    if the superpower states it is law of Karma …so be it …may be they are only looking for mere blank pages …hav fun !!!

  4. Kunal

    Law of Karma sure exists.. And for one to understand.. killing or harming somebody at will is a ‘Sin’ and adds to ones Karmic burdens..
    As they say, ‘What u sow, so will u reap’.. Jainism states that for one to get the life form of a human being, we have to take birth as thousands of other animals, birds, insects and organisms.. One can achieve ‘Moksha’ only if there are no Karma’s on ur name..
    So the point to understand here is.. We have got the life of a Human being after taking birth as so many other animals.. When born as animals, u must be knowing that they do not have a brain like human.. which means they do not know what is good or what is bad.. So God gives us a chance of becoming Human to ward off all the bad karma.. By Non-Vegetarianism all that we do is build the Bad karma..
    Therefore Jainism preaches Vegetarianism..

    PS: Change the time zone settings on ur blog to IST.. i.e +5.30 Hrs GMT..

  5. Life is a story written/directed by god and we are actors.
    If your soul stops you for an act of killing animal, listen to it.

  6. Timus

    Princess You got me hooked on this one, one of my favourite topics – KARMA. For the authentic definition of the word given by Krishna in Gita – Your only duty is to act (right to work) and not to hanker after the fruits (or the results) thereof.’ (Gita Chapter II: 47) Be not the purpose of your actions. Let not the work bind and blind you. To work is to worship; with total non-attachment and selfless attitude. Forgo all the idea of ‘doership’ in favour of the Lord, and with full concentration get engaged in the work at hand.
    So, god made animals so that we could enjoy our meals and gain nourishment so eat them.
    Bumper Sticker: I love Animals, they taste so good!!

  7. aplihs

    @Timus aka Sumit!

    Wah! You actully went and looked at the Hindu definition of Karma…and are giving it to me with chapter and all…! Impressed!
    What I mean by the “law of karma…is the Law of Cause and effect”

    We can discuss it further..;-)

  8. Kunal

    Very true.. What we are trying to discuss here is the law of cause and effect.. Not curbing non vegetarianism..


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