I believe astrology is a science…there is some truth to it. I think the planets do effect us is some way. We currently just don’t understand it completely.

The very simple logic I have is

·         Science has proved that the sea tides are affected by the moon

·         We know the Sea is made of salt and water

·         Science had proved that Human bodies are anywhere between 55% to 75% water

·         So is’nt it logical that the planets effect humans in some way or the other just like the moon so obviously affects the sea?


I want to learn to read horoscopes…does anyone know how and where? I have picked up a book but it seemed to complicated to understand so it is lying on my book shelf for months now…. I will read it someday!


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  1. K

    Interesting logic! never thought about it that way!

    I was just wondering…you pointed out the similarity in composition between the sea and us…but there is a key difference…we have emotions, feelings, needs, desires whatever one calls it which are intangibles yet so much influencing our behavior…these could form either 0% or 100% of us…depending on how you look at it!

    There is a belief(no logic!) that the Universe conspires to help us get or achieve what we really want…and planets are a part of this Universe…that being the case, could it be that we ourselves play a key role in indirectly influencing how our lives shape the power of our thinking?

    I hope your study of Astrology gives us some answers! 🙂

  2. aplihs

    Well….I agree that we play a key role in our destiny…and we are very different from the sea…and thats why the plants effect us in some subtle complicated way and not as obviously as they affect the sea and create tides!

  3. Check :

    I say :
    Astrology is a science, I agree but believe in God.
    Ask an astrologer questions in writing and tell him/her to reply in writing and check whether predictions gone right or wrong and then again get back to the same astrologer to show what he/she has predicted.
    I wish astrologers predictions comes true and they reply without any diplomatic answers while using if and but.
    I have a bad experience and I do not trust astrologers but yes if you find any good one please let me know.
    Best-Wishes !

  4. Timus

    Interesting logic …. Let me run one more logic on similar lines to suit myself.
    Warren Buffet has alphabets in his name, so do I, he has ‘u’ & ‘t’, so do I. So I should be double the worth of Warren Buffet (you see two letters not just one) Yippee… actually boo hoo I am still with the Tamil Company

  5. aplihs

    :-)well u have the potential to become double to worth of Warren Buffet..and you know that!
    I can give u a step wise approch…but then it will sound like gyan!

  6. Ambika

    Lol… Timus’s comment reminds me of a quote..
    ” Every morning I wake up and check the list for ‘The 10 Richest people in the World’ If I am not there, I go to work” 😀

    Well, astrology is a science, probably. But then we should have scientists reading our fortunes rather than astrologers 😛

    The planets might as well have a key role to play in our lives. But we definately do not need people, like the astrologers we have, who give generalised answers which could be true to ‘ANY’ one of us! If its a science then there must also be a way to prove it.. and to prove it accurately!!


    N.B. I had got a book long ago – “Learn Palmistry.” Even that is lying untouched! I understand not even a word of it! 🙂

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