Night Out…..

Night outs with friends are always fun…somehow people open up more in the middle of the night than they do during the day time..I don’t know what it is about chatting in the night…its just different!

We made an impromto plan to go for dinner last night…wanted to listen to some good movie and have some good food… and just chill… someone suggested we go to a place called Moksha…the name sounded exotic..most of us in the group had not gone there and so we decided to give it a try!

We walked in to the place….it was really nice….but it was not we were looking at for this Saturday evening out! It was a fine dining place …the types where the waiter will pull the chair for you to sit and give you a freshener etc…basically the kind of place you would go with your Mommy and Daddy!

Well  anyways …much to my embarrassment, we actually got up and walked out telling the poor waiters who were all over our table trying to please us….but I am so glad we did!

We ultimately went to this place called Oasis…..good music….decent food….basically had a nice time…!


And then we walked out of the place at around 12.30…..we were saying good byes outside the restaurant when I came up with the Idea and told the jing bang that we could sit around on my terrace for sometime…and we did…

So we sat around on the terrace tank under the moon and the stars….generally chit chatting…..Played truth and dare for sometime…and then to get conversation rolling we played what I call the question game…Someone in the group needs to come up with an interesting question and everyone around the circle has to answer ! Eveyone got nostalgic as we spoke about

1)      Our first “love”…

2)      The person who has hurt us the most…

3)      The person who we think we have hurt the most…

4)      The ‘number’ of crushes…we have had so far….lots of people refused to answer this one!

5)      The one thing we want to change about ourselves….

6)      Our first impression of everyone in the group…

And many more things like that……sitting there in the dark of the night….we opened up….got all nostalgic and bonded like never before!

What I realized was that there is a story behind every face…..and everyone has been shaped by their experiences in the past….and although you may think your story is unique…almost everyone has a similar story to tell!

Overall was good fun……and an interesting night….people say a lot of things when the moon is high up in the sky behind the clouds…which they would never say when the sun is up in the sky!



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3 responses to “Night Out…..

  1. Ambika

    Very very true.. There is something about NightTime that draws people together, and they tend to talk/discuss/share about sensitive, intimate issues.
    I have had a lot of them with close friends! Not nights ‘out’ but at a friend’s place! You share your deepest secrets about others as well as eachother! I guess the guys won’t understand it though 😉 it’s something they would find silly and very ‘girly’!!

    I love darkness, and night time is the dearest time of my day! It sure helps to have a quiet night with close friends. It helps you to know more and make relations better!!!!!


  2. I say : May be the silence of night the best to talk to ourselves and then may be to share with others.
    Silence is Strength – True, very true.

  3. aplihs

    🙂 Ambika…this was night out on the terrace! So almost like night at home for me…and night at friends terrace for the rest!

    Silence may be strength…..but Silence suffocates me…

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