Tarro Cards Reading…

One of my friends has learnt to do Tarro Card readings and he was sweet enough to do a reading for me!

It was an interesting reading…..we did a few spreads….one was a celetic spread..health spread..6 month forecast spread and then I asked some specific questions…

What I am going to write here is what came out of my 6 monthly forecast spread…the reason of doing that is two fold

1)      So I remember what was said…I had scribbled something on a piece of paper…I am sure it will not last on that paper for 6 months!

2)      It would be fun to read back and reflect and see how true the prediction was!


So here it goes….my prediction for the next 6 months!


Will feel victimized and feel everyone is against me…however it will be in my head..however I will get over it very quickly!


Will have the money but will be very miserly and not want to spend. You will be in harmony with yourself.It is a good time to start a new relationship


A new person who is very analytical will walk into your life. There will be some bad news regarding work


There would be some blockage in money matters and there would be delays related to money

There would be some hidden obstacles                which would come out in the open. (Major card- Moon)


Someone from my past will walk into my life with a purpose. I would manipulate people to my advantage(major card- emperor)


I will come out of some negative incident. I will get over the feeling of being victimized. There will be tremendous  people support and I will get respect.


Will have to wait for something related to money. Something significant will end….this was suppose to end very long back. It also indicates a new beginning. There would be a loss of friendship. (Major Card- Death)


The Tarro card pack has two sets of cards…Major Cards and Minor Cards. Major cards indicate where there is a play of fate and it is things that would happen. The Minor cards indicate events which do not have to happen and are more in our control.

What I should have also done is noted down the actual cards also…since I do my own reading also with my personal pack of cards…it would have been nice to pick cards each month to see if it is similar to what came in this reading…

 Bottom line…here is my personalized forecast for the next six months….skeptics may say it is very generic…may be it is….let us see what the future has in store!

This may not be the most interesting for others to read…but this one is for myself!

I do kind of believe in Tarro Cards…I think they just echo something you already know…it is just a medium for your guardian angles to talk to u! J I know it sounds a little corny….but what the hell…its ok to sound corny sometimes!




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6 responses to “Tarro Cards Reading…

  1. I belive whatever we have is existing because of some reason and tarot card is for a purpose too.
    Readings/Prediction for me is like I ask :
    When I will get married ?
    And I wish astrologers/tarot-card reader to give in writing the month/date/year without using if and but.
    I believe in destiny but yes I believe that astrologer/predictors/readers are able to know that but I havent met anyone yet though I met so many who failed miserably and remember you wont find many predicting in writing and without using if and but and diplomatic general statements.
    In search of true astro… 🙂

  2. K

    Tarro cards seem very interesting!
    The reading part is cool…it is open to interpretation, which makes it all the more intriguing!

  3. aplihs

    :-):-) I am in mid Nov and I am acting a little miserly…and I am feeling pretty much in harmony with myself!

  4. It is past mid december….and I have had plenty of good news at work so far :-)…..and no one ‘new’ analytical has walked into my life..yet….lets see how the last 10 days of december come along

  5. aplihs

    January…Seemed to have come pretty true…I did have some money issues and my account was almost all empty for sometime….;-) as for hidden obstacles….I guess it was true….did not have a smooth sailing this month….but cant think of what the obstacles are!
    Looking forward to the Feb predictions….

  6. Anisha shrestha

    I am suffering from a rare disease i hav knitted lots of drmz for my future plz i want 2 hav a normal life plz help me

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