The New Look!

Got a new hair style this weekend….A friend suggested I go to this parlor which has been started by this girl who has worked with all those hi-fi hair dressers and now has started off on her own so she is pretty reasonable and really good!I wanted a hair cut….so I thought I might as well try out this girl since she is so highly recommended and supposedly very reasonable…

The parlor was cosy little thing in her garage…and met the girl and here team….cute….suave…smart…competent..were the words that came to my mind….I sat there to get my hair cut and I told her I want something different….she had some interesting suggestions….some which I did not agree to cause I know me….any high maintenance hair cut which requires clips to keep it in place would just not work with me….remember I am the ‘restless princess’ and…I need to fiddle with my hair a number of times in a day…I have to tie it…untie it..clip it comb my fingers through it etc…at regular intervals(interval depends on how restless I am feeling)!

So finally..she gave me some hair cut…and while she was doing it I was making conversation with her and I told her…you know what I have always wanted to straighten my hair…and she was like nah…I don’t think you should do that…as it wont be good for you…cause once the hair start growing….it will look funny has your hair is too wavy!

Wow! Here was someone telling me don’t do this normally expensive procedure which would mean revenues for her! Good….I though this girl is honest!And I decided to test her some more…. And I asked her…you know what…there are these deep conditioning spa’s would they help…? My hair looks quite dry sometime…and she was like…don’t waste your money on it…it does not work…the texture of your hair does not just go on and use a leave on conditioner!I was impressed even more….no one in a parlor had ever told me not to do a “deep conditioning hair spa”!

So finally my haircut was done…and she was like you know what….I think you can straighten your hair from the front…it would give it a differnt look and help it  look neater!

I was quite impressed with her honestly earlier and was all open to listen to her suggestions…and I was like I’ll trust you with it if you think it is right…but I asked her how much would it cost me…I was not sure if I was carrying the money..and she was like 500 bucks! I thought to myself…wow..thats it…for permanent straightening…not bad!

All through….not once did she try to sell it to me…infact she kept telling me it will take 2 hours…do u want to think about it and come back latter….but I was  quite sold to the idea!!

And I got a new hair cut and a new look with partly straightened hair which looks pretty good atleast for now…

Got a whole lot of compliments on the new look….from friends…family and even my all boys team at work! ( I though they would not even notice…it is quite a high probability with an all boys team!)

Well it is not surprising that all those film stars and models seem to have pretty perfect hair on screen…..there is so much that can be done to the hair with the different tools and serums some time and money!

Need to wash my hair tomo…lets see how much of it lasts!!!

PS-Any of you Bombay girls reading this post..if you are willing to travel to sion…let me know I will give you the number of the parlor! It is right behind Sion Hospital in the Jain Mandir wala lane! And She is super good…In case I feel differntly after I wash my hair I will sure let you’ll know!



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3 responses to “The New Look!

  1. K

    the ‘restless princess’ part of the post was very funny!
    good to see that there are honest & talented people like her out there..i hope she does well and more importantly continues to be like this even when she is succesful!

  2. Hey i am a regular follower of ur blogs… ur writing is too good.. I see that u have protected ur post with password :((… Do let us allow to read it…

  3. aplihs

    Hey Sapna…There is not much in the post….only the title is intersting….I will try an put an abridged version of the post for all to read…cant give the password out…it is a karmic lesson I am still learning….with a some people around me!

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