Wall E

Finally saw the movie! It was one of those very hyped movies for me and a lot of people told me how wonderful it was…and I guess in this case….expectations reduced joy!

It was very cute….but an entire movie without any major dialogues to watch at home is a little difficult! Whenever I am watching a movie at home I have a tendency to multitask…which was not possible with this movie has you had to concentrate and watch it as there was not much being said!

I personally am not so much of a fan of science fiction  movies and books…and WallE was exactly that…fiction on what the earth would be like thousands of years from now…we would have destroyed it so much and there would be so much waste accumulated on earth that there would be no place for human’s to stay. Humans would then go an occupy the space and live in space ships.  Humans would become fat and lazy as all the work would be automated and done by robos! And plants would didapper from earth and earth would not be able to sustain life!

Well the human race is getting fat and lazy and technology is doing a lot of our work….we are producing a lot of waste which is a problem and the trees are diminishing from earth…So I guess it was not so far from the truth…

There was another track in the movie….about WallE (a robo) falling in love with Eva..while it was kind of a cute concept…I could not really relate to it..

Over all the message of the movie to me was….save the earth…recycle waste…and plant trees…

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