Inspiring People!

I was just thinking about it and I realized that I love motivating people and inspiring them to do something I like to do and believe in!

And I think If I am convinced about something I can be good at inspiring/convincing/even maybe manipulating people to do it….actually I don’t know if I am really good at it or not….but it is something that gives me tremendous satisfaction…to actually motivate/convince someone to do something!

So I guess Sales is the right job for me….

Now what are the different techniques that can be used to inspire people to do a lot of things….I was about to put it down in points with examples…..but I realized that it would mean giving out my trade secret…and if all the people who I try to convince cajol into doing something read it then I would have to come up with new tricks which is no easy task!


I  realized there are at least 4 people I know of who I inspired to start blogging…now that’s not too bad is it!

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One response to “Inspiring People!

  1. Kunal

    I’m not too sure if i’m on the inspired list..
    U inspired me to publish more regularly.. Thanks


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