Reflections of a Restless Princess

Gave this speech as a level 4 speech for my Toastmasters club…..And It was honestly quite bad ….the delivery was bad…it lacked passion…and someone told me it looked like I was trying to hard…I was so highly non prepared that I even had notes with me…which is strictly a ‘no -no’…content and concept is not bad…it should make an interesting reading…


“Restless Princess” was a name coined for me by a friend…and he said it suits my personality…I don’t think it was meant to be a compliment…but I though it was quite cute and appropriate…and  that’s one of the names of one of my online awtars!

 Mr Toastmasters and fellow toastmasters and guests…. I am going to share some online escapades of the restless princess with you and hope you go and visit her online sometime!

So what does the “Restless Princess” do online….?? She  writes!

And what does she write about….? Any thing and everything under the sun…movie reviews…book reviews.. about people she meets during the day…thoughts and feelings…speeches she has given at forums like this one…interesting incidents and anecdotes…. Her experiences children she teaches during the weekend…work…vacations…trips…friends…enemies…anything that catches her fancy…is weaved into a story and becomes a part of the ‘reflections of the restless’ princess!


But why does she write…?

There are many reasons to it…

First and foremost.…she writes because she thinks it is fun!

Reason number Two… She gets to reach out to people across the world… and make new friends…She can share her views and opinions with  people from Siberia to Pakistan…people she would never have met if she was not out there on the digital highway…

Reason number 3- writing gives her clarity of though…as she writes…she understands herself better…it is a journey witin…

Reason number 4- And if all that was not good enough….She also makes money out of writing with Google advertisements! It may be peanuts…6-8 dollars over 3 months may not be much….but getting paid anything to make new friends…having fun…expressing your opinion and getting clarity of though is not to bad is it!

Now  what is it that made her start writing?

Believe it or not! Toastmasters club! 

She joined a new club and wanted to read the old speeches she had given eariler and though it was such a pain to lcoate them….so she thought  why not try and keep an online journal of all her speeches!

She is a little crazy and spends hours in writing every speech…and zup…it gets over in 5 minutes….with just a room full of people listening to it…some claps encouraging and some very valuable feedback….she tough to herself …”Is there any way to reach out to more people with the same effort” and the answer came as a bright light of wisdom in just one word….”Blogging!”

Now  that was like killing two birds with a single arrow!

Those were the humble beginning of the “Reflections  of a Restless Princess” with some old Toastmasters speeches…and some random thoughts….

She got some great feedback from complete strangers which was surprising and  friends …which was expected…friends are suppose to be nice….You see the Restless Princess loves compliments….and anyone who does not compliment is not a friend…

Today she writes almost everyday….and has a decent number of people who follow her blog regularly….There are about 20-30 people who visit her blog everyday….Now that may not be much if you compare it to the hits on Amitab Bacchan’s blog….but it is almost 20-30 times the visitors that come to her Mom’s blog! And she is quite super happy with it!

By the way if you ever go visit the Restless Princess online….remember to leave a comment…preferably let is sound like a compliment…..but even if you don’t like the post …worry not…atleast leave a comment….Nothing upsets the princess more than having no comments on the blog…. And worry not Ms Princess can interpret any thing as a compliment!  Now which of us would have though the name “Restless Princess is a compliment”….but she thinks it is cute and says thank you!

Curious to know where you will find her online…

Well I could make your life easy by giving you the address….but nah…that wont be fun…so like you find everything online….use Google to find the restless princess online!

I could give you a hint on how to find her….if everyone who finds her online promises to leave her a comment…! Any takers?

 She used to be in blogger city…with a pseudoname…but now she is moved to the city of WordPress under her own name!

All the best..Happy searching..and hope to see u in the blog world soon!



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3 responses to “Reflections of a Restless Princess

  1. Anand.U

    Princess Princess Princess…I thought it was pretty good speech…it had a gud opening act and closing act…they were questions throughout the speech,engaging the audience to look for answers…The content shows enough passion …Im not sure abt your delivery but the content shows the restless princess is unique and original…in world full of cut & paste…hav fun !!!

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  3. rahul


    u shudnt b pulling yr mom’s leg on her writings…..her creations are a wonderful read 🙂


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