Yeah Dil Mange More!

Just got back from vacation..and boy was it fun or what! I had two sets of vacations….back to back…one with Family and the other with friends…and both were super cool! (‘Super’ cool/sexy/fun/cute etc…seems to be a new superlative word I am using these days….)

So what was more fun….vacation with parents? Or Vacation with friends?

I have had  people who told me oh…you still go on vacations with your parents…and I was like ya its awesome!

They are two very different types of holidays…and only lucky people get to have them both back to back in a span on one week!

The trip with parents was more chilled out and relaxing…..and more luxurious…

The friends trip was hectic….and a lot of fun I almost need a holiday after the holiday to get over the holiday!

I want more of both! Yeah Dil Mange More! (BTW I am already planning the next break for November…J)

But for now more than a vacation I need to get some sleep! Adios for now!






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5 responses to “Yeah Dil Mange More!

  1. adb

    Being able to have back to back holidays… You are lucky indeed!

  2. Anand.U

    Well nice to see you finally fond some time off…Family & Friends vacation sounds fun…did you happen to try anytime the third kind of vacation…heading alone to the beach or into the woods and looking up the endless blue highway with sun/moon as lone sidewalkers…hav fun!!!

  3. I liked your blog on Blogger 😦 Do you find any major difference in wordpress..

  4. aplihs

    One year down I cant seem to remember where I went for vacation…:-( I think the friends vacation was for a wedding in Chennai….but maybe I am wrong…

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