Why am I Not Blogging?

I was just thinking to myself…why have I not been blogging for the last few days….I was out on vacation…but it has been a few days since I have been back….and there is no time is just a stupid excuse…

So why have I not been blogging? I came up with a strange though….

The  last few days I have not been thinking…….I am not thinking of the past…not thinking of the future…just very much grounded in the present…now….here…concrete…

And blogging(writing) makes me think….and since I am back  I have just not been in a mood to think…contemplate…analyze..make castles in the air…make stories in my head…! ( I am great at making castles in the air and making stories…. For example….I can dream of a business concept…make money on it….buy a house….get sure rich…and many stories around it  a span of minutes!!)

Now is  living in the present a good thing?  Honestly I am not sure…but at this point of time.. I think it is….it is nice to be absolutely involved in the present…Think of now….Live in the moment…forget about the past….don’t bother about the future….take every day as it comes….ensure it is activity filled and fun…!

But am I running away from the past(success/failures)…..and closing my eyes to the future(potential plans for success and chances of failures)….by thinking only of the present ..here and now?



I don’t know…and I don’t want to think!


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8 responses to “Why am I Not Blogging?

  1. K

    As I was reading your post, I was reminded of two interesting quotes

    The first is from a book called ‘Three Men in a Boat’ by Jerome K. Jerome wherein he talks about going away on a vacation!
    “Change of scene and absence of the necessity for thought will restore the mental equilibrium”

    The second is from a John Lennon song. It was told to me by someone and though I have never hrd the song myself, its something that makes me appreciate the present more than think about the future!
    “Before you cross the street, take my hand
    Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”

    Guess there is nothing right or wrong about most things in life…its what you make of it!

    But your readers sure are getting ‘restless’ now…because unka Dil Mange more posts from you 😉

    So dont think about the future or the past
    Just blog about the present real fast! 🙂

  2. Ambika

    Hello 🙂 ,
    Seems like you have been reading my thoughts. I had been accusing my schedules for being the reason behind me not blogging lately. But your posts made me realise, I am too engrossed in the present right now, to ‘think’ and write about something..

    I feel more like reading others’ thoughts (blogs) and commenting rather than putting forth mine.

    I have not returned from any kind of vacation to put me in such a blank state of mind, but whatever be it the point is, I am enjoying it!!

    So my suggestion is, so do you.. Its better to sit back and relax and wait for your thoughts to knock themselves rather than look for them.. 🙂

    @ K,
    1. Although I dont remember reading those lines but the book is surely wonderful with some great punches 😀
    2. I loved the line that you quoted. Hope to find it on Google!!

    See you here,

  3. Anand.U

    Bingo …I have been here time again and again…I also tend to think too much…

    Phase 3…
    Cherishing…the past memories…Holding onto Future Dreams…Enjoying the present (This is where the child in head screams out loud …Live the Present …Live the Present)…

    Phase 4…
    Cherishing & Learning…the past memories…Holding onto old/New Future Dreams…Enjoying the present (with whole lot of confusions/frustrations)…

    Phase 5 …
    Cherishing the past memories…Getting the clarity …Going back to one future Dream

    Phase 6…
    Time off from all past…future…present…by then all of sudden everything around you starts speaking about the same past ,present and future…

    Phase 7…
    Bookself is filled with spiritual and philosophy books …Living with convincing philosophy you found which is not so convincing…

    Phase 8…
    Waking up to the day…feeling glad you got through one more day without having any recollection of …what the day it was !!!

    Phase 9…
    Going back to Phase 5 …staying out there forever !!!

    The point is…sooner or later you will fig out …blogging is part of restless princess …without that …magic aplihs will find herself missed …hav fun!!!

  4. :-)nice to see so many longish comments on the post! I am inspired to write…but still dont feel like thinking!

    Ananad…you should really start a blog of your own!

  5. Anand.U

    4 Godsake …The name is Anand…and i gonna leave all the blogging to little princess…

    Happy diwali…hav fun !!!

  6. Kunal

    Reading Books.. Something i hate..
    And what do we have here.. Books Books and more Books..
    The very thought of ‘Reading’ freaks me out.. But then I was never a good writer.. So what inspired me to blogging?? I wonder.. Lost in thoughts.. Will let all know when i have an answer..


  7. Kunal

    Yeah i almost forgot about this one..

    “Yesterday is History,
    Tomorrow is Mystery,
    Today is a Gift,
    That’s why it is called ‘Present’

    Enjoy what is with u now..


  8. Anand.U

    Wow … When somebody says
    “Yesterday is History,
    Tomorrow is Mystery,
    Today is a Gift,
    That’s why it is called ‘Present’”

    It sounds fun …especially if Tomorrow is mystery…the best time to lose hope in figuring it out would be today ???

    I could be long way off…but I am quite sure most people wud be inspired by this phrase …especially… http://theplaceswelive.com/

    Anything beautiful as indians we built… atleast looks more than 500 years old…im not sure what happened in 500 years …but quite sure most of them stopped thinking about tomorrow …

    Hopefully will find you soon at http://dolectures.com/

    hav fun !!!

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